70mm Baraka showing, April 22nd, Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, California. Fricke and Magidson in attendance.

Last updated by Darren on 19 April 2010

Baraka is being shown on April 22nd at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.

The screening is in 70mm. Both Fricke and Magidson will be there to discuss.


Hello everyone - the print was in great shape but the Q&A was just okay (I took many many pictures - will post them if anyone's interested). Also, I'd like to put a link toward my thesis re-score of Baraka (music) - is this possible ? Thanks ! PA.


It would be nice to see the pictures if you can post them.
Please post a link to your thesis, this is fine. I am the webmaster here.



How was the Q&A? They discuss Samsara or anything interesting about the making of Baraka?

Hi Anonymous !

They mostly discussed Baraka with only a question or two against Samsara (which is getting ready for next year from what I understand).

My only question was 'why Michael Stearns didn't score 100% of Baraka considering he did Chronos in its entirety ?"; Mark Magidson replied that Michael Stearns, in addition of being the composer, is also the musical director and very much enjoys his role as musical director so all the musical choices (when it comes to licensing songs) are pretty much his. He will be back for Samsara with a similar approach.

The other question was about Samsara's content: Birth, Death & Re-birth.


For those of you who had seen the 2004 (?) screening of Baraka at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood (where only Mark Magidson was at hand), the overall questions / answers were somewhat similar ("is this a message movie ? what did you try to express ? what was the intent ?").

We could discuss further but you're not missing much if you know Baraka's overall 'making of' history.

For sure, I have to say that Magidson & Fricke are really surprised (and of course delighted) that Baraka is living such a life in home video and in the general consciousness of its audience after its original 1993 release (well... nothing can beat a screening of this compared to even the blu-ray but, don't ask me, I'm a film lover). :-D


Pierre André.

P.S.: Well understood for the pictures & the link to my re-score / will get this going within a week. :-)

Thanks for the update Pierre André.

That's great.
Thanks again Pierre André

This screening is actually taking place at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, 7:30pm.

Thanks David, I've updated the listing.

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