Read my review of Samsara

Last updated by Darren on 21 October 2011

Samsara monks

 Read my review of Samsara.

SpiritOfBaraka's visit to Toronto for the World Premiere of Samsara

Last updated by Darren on 04 October 2011

Samsara Premier ticker

Samsara's World Premiere was on 11th September 2011 in Toronto, Canada, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I have run this website for 10 years as a guide to Baraka and other nonverbal films.  I love Baraka, it is my favourite film, and has inspired my life of travel and exploration.  When Mark Magidson invited me to the world premiere of Samsara I was delighted and thrilled, and quickly booked my flights.  I visited Toronto via New York, and Niagara Falls, being very much the tourist.

Meeting Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson

I had arranged to meet Mark Magidson at 11:30 am, to collect my tickets for the premiere of Samsara, later that day.  Mark was giving a talk called The Art of the Impossible, about making films in difficult conditions.  Read more >>>

Living Dust

Last updated by Darren on 10 August 2011

Here is a trailer for Living Dust.  A film by Anthony Ranville.

Anthony says :

"Set to music, images from Southeast Asia. Living Dust, a film I'm making..."

Living Dust - Trailer from Anthony Ranville on Vimeo.

Information about Samsara premier

Last updated by Darren on 27 August 2011

Paul gave me this useful information this morning:

"Hi Darren,

Thanks for the heads-up.

This might be helpful to your readers who might want to travel to see this performance. I am planning to fly from San Francisco, so wanted to plan my visit carefully, as roundtrip airfares are already approaching $600.

I spoke to TIFF this AM. They are currently selling ticket blocks/books but what is on sale today may not be suitable for the Samsara screening on 9/11, if it is a 'gala' or 'premiere' performance, which I assume it almost certainly will be.

At 7.00am EST on 9/3, individual ticket sales sales will begin by both phone and web, and these limited inventory tickets would be suitable for a gala/premiere screening.

Additionally, they do not expect to release any further information about the screenings (time, theatre etc.) until 9/3.


Thanks Paul.

A Few Pictures and Locations from Samsara

Last updated by Darren on 08 August 2011

A Few Pictures and Locations from Samsara, courtesy of

The Paramount Theater in Austin, TX

Last updated by Anonymous on 26 July 2011


This is a screening of Baraka in 70mm at the The Paramount Theater in Austin, TX. It is a part of The Paramount Theater's 70mm Week.

24th August 2011 at 7pm
25th August 2011 at 9:55pm

NOR - Time Lapse Music Video

Last updated by Darren on 20 July 2011

Finnish/Australian metal orchestra Hevein have released the 1st single "Nor" off their sophomore album "Gentle Anarchy".

Hevein have released the song with an accompanying video exclusively online.  The video uses timelapse  extensively.

Over 2 years in the making and filmed in 5 countries the Nor music video is groundbreaking and breathtaking. It was directed and edited by guitarist Leif Hedström and photographer Tuukka Peltonen.

When asked to describe the video Leif said…

“ It’s like an epic BBC nature documentry edited to the rhythm of the song. It’s kind of like the movie Baraka but with heavy music. No actors, no sets, no band, no naked chicks, no fake crap… just real life.”

Fabian Enzinger's ZEN available on YouTube

Last updated by Darren on 03 June 2011

Fabian Enzinger's film ZEN is available to watch on YouTube.

It's a great non-verbal film, taking a lot of inspiration from Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi.

Adding more connections to Baraka, Michael Stearns composed the music.

From the YouTube listing:

"The non-verbal film experience ZEN takes you on a journey into a Zen temple located in a remote area in the Japanese Alps. The film was created in winter 1999 around New Year and is a reflection of the true mind and spirit of ZEN. The soundtrack was created by Michael Stearns and Virgil Enzinger (original music)."


Read more >>>

The War Of The Worlds

Last updated by Darren on 02 June 2011

Rafael Asquith has created a short timelapse film called "The War Of The Worlds".

The War of the Worlds (HDR timelapse with 7D & 450D) from Rafael Asquith on Vimeo.

From Rafael:

Read more >>>

New Trailer for Mina de São Domingos

Last updated by Darren on 23 March 2011

João Abecasis Fernandes has a new trailer for his film Mina de São Domingos.

Mina de São Domingos (trailer 2) from João Abecasis Fernandes on Vimeo.

He also says:

"I am also working on a new project. It's a non-verbal film about the myth of the Fifth Empire (the portuguese empire)."


Samsara Blu-Ray & DVD

Samsara Blu-ray and DVD
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