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Baraka is my favourite of the films. I love the choice of locations and the way they are presented. The 70mm film gives a lovelly warm feel to the film. If one has travelled to any of the locations featured in Baraka one understands how well the location is captured on film. I understand that the crew had to carry over 60 pieces of equipment to shoot. When one considers the remoteness of many of the locations, I am amazed that they where able to visit so many locations and capture each one so well. The teams determination and commitment to the project is incredible. My favourite sections are - The Kecak Dance in Bali - The monks - Angkor Wat - The tribes - The factory scenes - New York City (the breathing scene) - The Terracotta Warriors - The solar eclipse Baraka gives me enormous pleasure everytime I watch it. It also inspires me to travel more, and to more remote locations. I hope Samsara offers more of the same. Thanks to everyone involved in making Baraka. What do you like about Baraka, post your views in this topic.

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