UK Premiere of Samsara Brief Report

Last updated by Darren on 22 August 2012

Mark & Ron

Monday 20th August 2012 saw the UK Premiere of Samsara at The Soho Hotel in London.

Mark Magidson and Ron Fricke were in attendance.  It was a intimate showing.  Mark and Ron gave a nice Q&A session afterwards.

The SpiritOfBaraka competition winners Kirsten and Julius loved seeing Baraka.  Julius hadn't seen Baraka, and was literally speechless after seeing Samsara.

A massive thank you to everyone at Arrow Films for hosting the premiere, and accommodating our competition winners.

This was my 4th time of seeing Samsara, and I love it more every time that I see it.  It truly is the successor to Baraka than I think we have all hoped and longed for.

Word wide showings are soon at start, so check the showing lists below and go and see Samsara!Read more >>>

SpiritOfBaraka's visit to Toronto for the World Premiere of Samsara

Last updated by Darren on 04 October 2011

Samsara Premier ticker

Samsara's World Premiere was on 11th September 2011 in Toronto, Canada, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I have run this website for 10 years as a guide to Baraka and other nonverbal films.  I love Baraka, it is my favourite film, and has inspired my life of travel and exploration.  When Mark Magidson invited me to the world premiere of Samsara I was delighted and thrilled, and quickly booked my flights.  I visited Toronto via New York, and Niagara Falls, being very much the tourist.

Meeting Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson

I had arranged to meet Mark Magidson at 11:30 am, to collect my tickets for the premiere of Samsara, later that day.  Mark was giving a talk called The Art of the Impossible, about making films in difficult conditions.  Read more >>>

New Website Design and Layout

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

This website has a new design and layout.  I hope you like it.

This update has been well overdue, but I finally found the time to do it.

The website has a lot of information, such as the comments and suggestions people have made to the images from the films.

Moving this amount of data between websites is normally a difficult job, that can cost a lot of money.  Luckily I am a professional website developer, so I just needed to find the time to do it.

Now that the website is much easier to update I will (and already have) been updating it more frequently.

Thanks for visiting.


Last updated by Darren on 29 July 2009

I have just returned from a 7 month trip through India, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. I have created a travel blog about my trip, with lots of photos and daily blogs.

Many of the photographs were taken by Abby. She specialises in travel photography tips, and works freelance. Her passion is for portraits and people, but also loves landscapes and just about anything that can be captured on film or memory card.

Lucky People Center International is available on DVD from

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

Lucky People Centre International is available on DVD from

The quality is great, however the film has permanent German subtitles, which cannot turned off. This is a shame. It would have been much better to add the subtitles using the subtitle feature, rather than overlaying them over the film.

Saw Baraka on a big screen

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I saw Baraka on a big screen at Falmouth University media centre. Luke Laszczak emailed me a few days ago letting me know about the showing. Tash and I went down and watched the film. It was the first time I had seen Baraka on a big screen. Luke and Neil, the head of the film society, are keen to show more films, and I hope to be involved.

Trying to find Lucky People Center International on VHS or DVD

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I am trying to find Lucky People Centre International on DVD or VHS. I like the film which is a montage of clips of cultures, peoples and civilisations from around the world. It's very underground, but I like it a lot. I have contacted the official website and the person listed as the UK distributer, but I've had no reply. If you should know how I can get a copy please let me know.

Fascinating Nature images added

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I have completed the page for the film Fascinating Nature by Gogol Lobmayr. It's a great film. More of a nonverbal landscape documentary, and less spiritual or moving than the other films featured on the site. I have added image for the film, which are beautiful.

Fata Morgana by Werner Herzog

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I have received a rental DVD of Werner Herzog's Fata Morgana. This film has good images of desert landscapes, and is some 10 years older than Koyaanisqatsi. The content is limited though, and does contain dialog. I will take a more in depth look and write more on this blog.

Man With a Movie Camera

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I have received a rental DVD of Man With a Movie Camera. This film uses techniques found in the nonverbal films, but this film was made in 1929. I will take a look and give more details in the blog.

Rivers and Tides - Andy Goldworthy & Thomas Riedelsheimer

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I have a copy of Rivers and Tides by Andy Goldworthy & Thomas Riedelsheimer. This film has landscape images, but seems to have a plot and actors. I'll take a better look and post info here.

New web site design

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I was not enjoying the black design of the web site anymore so I have created a new fresher look. I have removed some old film logos, and changes just about all of the colours. I have improved the slide show by adding thumbnails for the next and previous image buttons. I've also changed the colours of the forums and the blog to match.

Winged Migration shown on British television

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I was surprised and delighted to notice that Winged Migration was shown on British television on 27th December 2005. It was shown on a satellite or digital channel (UKTV History I think). Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi have been shown in the past, but only on a few occasions. I am British and live in Cornwall in England. Until recently we have had only a limited choice of TV channels. The introduction of satellite and digital channels has generated many new channels, which are able to show more underground films such as Winged Migration.Read more >>>

Extracting of the images

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

You may be interested in the process that allows me to extract the images from the films.

I have worked for many years in the IT industry, primarily as a computer programmer. My skills allowed me to write an application that extracts the images from a DVD. I set the period at which images are extracted (for example, one image every 100 frames) and these images are written to my computers disk.

I then spend a long time choosing which images to use. Once I have done this I create thumbnail versions of each of the images. I also optimise the full size images to ensure the smallest amount of bandwidth is used. This web site uses a lot of bandwidth, mainly because of the high number of high quality images used. I think these images are an integral part of the website, and the effort and cost are worth it.Read more >>>

The start

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I have decided to keep a blog of the progress of the Spirit of Baraka website.
My passion for this website has grown constantly, just like my passion for the films. Over the last few months I have added lots of new films and other content to the Spirit of Baraka web site. This blog will serve as a series of notes explaining how the site is progressing.

Koyaanisqatsi extras

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I watched the extras on the Koyaanisqatsi DVD last night. I have decided to add information from these extras as articles on the web site. I believe people will find this information very interesting. It will help to add extra information about each film.

Godfrey Reggio's comments about Ron Fricke and Philip Glass being essential to the creation of Koyaanisqatsi are very interesting. I knew Ron Fricke provided much of the cinematography for Koyaanisqatsi, but it seems that Ron Fricke contributed more than I had thought.

Samsara Blu-Ray & DVD

Samsara Blu-ray and DVD
Buy from Amazon using the links below

» USA : DVD - Blu-Ray
» UK : DVD & Blu-ray (dual pack)
» Canada : DVDBlu-Ray
» Germany : DVD -  Blu-Ray


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