hi i'm a film student, please help me to fill in this quick questionnaire on baraka! thanks!

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Survey Questionnaire on the film Baraka (Choose one option among a,b &c per question)
1. Baraka is:
a. A film about Spirituality.
b. A film about Nature.
c. A film about Religion.
2. Why do you think Baraka’s director chooses to use so many close ups in the film?
a. To show people’s culture.
b. To show people’s spiritual belief.
c. To show different ethnic groups.
3. Why do you think in Baraka places of cult/holy places are often shown empty?
a. To give people a sense of solitary meditation.
b. To focus on the place.
c. To give a feeling of isolation.
4. What did you appreciate the most in Baraka?
a. The beautiful photography.
b. The cultural message.
c. The Spiritual message.
5 which one of these sentences is most true to you?
a. Baraka tends to highlight people’s personal spiritual depth.
b. Baraka tends to highlight the contrast between nature and civilization.
c. Baraka tends to highlight an environmental problem.
6. after watching Baraka, which one of these emotions did you feel the most?
a. Awe for the stunning visuals
b. Stronger spiritual consciousness
c. Stronger regret for the condition of the earth.

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