Independent Films

Films created by individuals or groups, without the help or financial backing of a film studio or publisher. The film makers here might be making the films of the future.

If you are an independent film maker, contact me about your film and I will add it for you.

Living Dust

Last updated by Darren on 10 August 2011

Here is a trailer for Living Dust.  A film by Anthony Ranville.

Anthony says :

"Set to music, images from Southeast Asia. Living Dust, a film I'm making..."

Living Dust - Trailer from Anthony Ranville on Vimeo.

The War Of The Worlds

Last updated by Darren on 02 June 2011

Rafael Asquith has created a short timelapse film called "The War Of The Worlds".

The War of the Worlds (HDR timelapse with 7D & 450D) from Rafael Asquith on Vimeo.

From Rafael:

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Landscapes at the World's Ends (2010) - Richard Sidey

Last updated by Darren on 21 October 2011

Update:  A DVD is available now:

A non-verbal visual journey to the polar regions of our planet portrayed through a triptych montage of photography and video. Landscapes at the World's Ends is a multi-dimensional canvas of imagery recorded above the Arctic Circle and below the Antarctic Convergence, viewed through the lens of whom is realistically an alien in this environment, the polar tourist. Filmed during several artist residencies onboard three expedition vessels, New Zealand nature photographer and filmmaker Richard Sidey documents light and time in an effort to share his experiences and the beauty that exists over the frozen seas. Set to an ambient score by Norwegian Arctic based musician, Boreal Taiga, this experimental documentary transports us to the islands of South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula, Greenland and Svalbard.

Note: This film was originally designed to project onto three individual 4x3 screens in an exhibition context. The festival version has been designed to incorporate all three screens in a single 16x9 frame.
Below is the full film.   A DVD is available at:

Landscapes at the World's Ends from Richard Sidey on Vimeo.

Design, Photography & Editing - Richard Sidey
Music - Boreal Taiga

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Mina de São Domingos

Last updated by Darren on 25 August 2010

Mina de São Domingos

Mina de São Domingos (São Domingos Mine) is an experimental documentary film about an abandoned copper mine in Alentejo, Portugal, which belonged to a british company for over a century. 

The film is divided in two different parts - the first one is made of old mine workers testimonials and confessions ; 
the second part  is based on a poem, written and recited in portuguese, featuring artistic audiovisual portraits of the abandoned and collapsed buildings, acid water lagoons, and surrealistic natural landscapes. Although this is not a non-verbal film, it follows the aesthetic of non-verbal works and uses many of its techniques such as timelapsing.
The project was filmed during one spring and one summer, in order to show the unstable changes of this unique landscape. This documentary is a poetic interpretation of an abandoned place, using the people and the land, and treating the Mine as an entity.  

Shot with: Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D90 (used in some timelapse images).
Editing: Final Cut Pro 7
Post-production: Adobe After Effects CS4 ; Magic Bullet Looks
Produced, written, edited and directed by João Abecasis Fernandes
Poetry by Rodrigo Abecasis Fernandes
Cinematography by Nuno Neves and João Abecasis Fernandes
Original score (not the one in the trailer) by João Fonseca and Rui Botelho Rodrigues

Iceland Images

Last updated by Darren on 09 August 2010

Iceland Images

Iceland Images is a nonverbal film by Petur K. Gudmundsson.  Information from Petur:

This is a nonverbal piece shot during a week long roadtrip around Iceland. We headed east from Reykjavík and continued driving an extended version of the ringroad through the northen most part of Iceland and kept going all the way to Ísafjörður, capital of the Westfjords. We filmed in known as well as less known even more beautiful locations all around the country.

Shot with: Sony Nxcam, Canon 7D and Canon 350D for TL.
(This is by the way our first project shooting on the NX and the 7D.)
Editing and Post Production done in Sony Vegas Pro 9 and graded using Magic Bullet Looks.
Music score by Michael Stearns and Armand Amar.
More Info and behind scenes footage available here:
A much nicer and smoother 1080p version might also soon be available at

Iceland Images from Petur K. Gudmundsson on Vimeo.


Last updated by Darren on 16 November 2009


Cormac Scanlan’s movie Hylozoism is a ‘Holistic Documentary’ which, whilst offering no answers, uses associational form to encourage its audience to ponder life's big questions. Alluding to topics as varied as psychology, philosophy, anthropology, urbanity and evolutionary biology, the film invites viewers to think about who we are and where we came from. Hylozoism asks questions about how are we connected to each other and our planet, ponders about where are we headed as species and examines our purpose as both an individual and a part in a larger society and history.

Loosely influenced by the artistic ideas of Guy Ernest Debord and the Situationist International movement, much of the film was made using the psychogeographical practice of dérive. Cormac Scanlan's form of psychogeography focuses on exploring urban and rural environments and using video and stills photography to reflect the emotions experienced at a location in the way it is artistically portrayed, as well as capturing the physical presence of the location itself.

Hylozoism was made over a period of 7 months between 2005 and 2006. All photography is original footage of a documentative nature (ie there was no setting up of scenarios, interfering with the subject, or altering the mise en scène) and all photography and video editing was done by Cormac Scanlan himself. The film features an original soundtrack, recorded specifically for the film, this was composed, performed and produced by Cormac Scanlan and Curtis Redden.

Cormac Scanlan's Photography:

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Posted by Darren on 15 September 2009

Grønlapse is a short non-verbal landscape film of Greenland during the Arctic summer. Comprised of mostly time lapse imagery, the film documents movements in ice, glaciers, navigating fjords and also captures the arctic sky exploding with the Northern Lights. The main glacier featured is Jakobshavn near Illulissat, the largest glacier in the northern hemisphere, which is currently releasing more fresh water each day than New York city uses in an entire year.
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Last updated by Darren on 29 May 2010

Fly Cover Shot

Fly is a non-verbal film with scenes of Singapore and Nepal. It was screened in various film festivals around the world and won 3rd Best Amateur Documentary in the Canadian Film Festival in 1999. Fly is shot on Super 8.


  • Director & Producer: Alexis Lefort
  • Editor: Lars Woodruffe
  • Graphic Designer: Damien Yang
  • Music composers: Dinesh Rai & Nigel Woodford
  • Sound Mixer: Nigel Woodford


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Travelog 20,000 Photos

Last updated by Darren on 12 August 2009

Travelog 20,000 Photos Cover

A documentation of a journey made through India and Nepal between July and August 2008.  This experimental film uses photo sequences and some time-lapse and are arranged chronologically in order of time with recorded sound added.  The film running to 7:47 mins is an edited version of a 24 min film using approx 20,000 photographs.  Originally planed for hi definition the film has been edited to 4:3

Some of the photograph stills can be found on my flickr page at[email protected]/

The videos available here are a short 7 minute version on YouTube, and a full 24 minute version on Vimeo.

Rob Bernard,  UK

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Sky Train

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

Skytrain Shot

Sky Train is a 6 minute non-narrative film about Thailand, by Ryan Moser.

Sky Train beautifully uses panning, time-lapse and dreamy cloud sequences that fans of the films in the genre will be familiar with.  But, Ryan has captured the essence of each of his locations in Thailand.  From Bangkok's blurring night lights, scorching midday sunshine, and non-stop traffic, the film progresses nicely to the blue waters  and palm trees of the south.

There are great timelapse, Ron Fricke esque moments when the camera is racing around in a shopping trolley.

Sky Train is a great mixture of the gritty and glitzy side of Thailand.  With the fast paced streets, and claustrophobic soi, whilst avoiding the bland, dreamy tourist-board style panning shots.

The timelapse sequences recorded on foot are a little shaky, but considering the budget, it's still great work.

Well done Ryan.

From Ryan:Read more >>>

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Abandoned City

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

Abandoned City

This is a short documentary capturing a group photo-blog shoot with a concept of Urban Decay. The location is an abandoned warehouse in Gary, Indiana. We drove down from Chicago very early on a Sunday morning to be safe since the area is shady.

I used a Canon HV20 with Crystal Vision wide lens, Calico Cam stabilizer, and a Manfrotto fluid head on a tripod. None of this video was directed, just capturing the day of events. At the end you might notice all the "junk", it's piles and piles of clothes.

The audio track is Snowflake by TrentMoller.

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Last updated by Darren on 03 July 2009

Timescape, Alexander Pappas homage to Ron Fricke, released in 2000, 5 minutes.
Timescape is a day in the life of a city. Set in a surreal atmosphere of constant chaos and continuous evolution.
It is the story of humans, and the empire that they have built.

From the Director

"The creation of Timescape was really a two part affair. Firstly, the matter of motion and time in context to daily life was the primary concept for this film.
Secondly was the span I wanted to show this in. From sunrise to sunset.
A span of approximately 12 hours, one working day, was the backdrop of the film because it gives the film purpose. All this chaos and movement .
And then it's all over. The day is gone, the sun has set and all is back to quiet.Read more >>>


Last updated by Darren on 03 July 2009

360 is a six minute montage of moving images and sounds from around the world, set to music. The images and sounds for 360 were recorded using a consumer DV cam-corder, a stereo mic and a minidisk recorder and it was edited at home on a laptop. If you would like a free DVD or download for any software or hardware media player, or you would like to contact the film-maker, please email [email protected]. Hope you like it. Cheers!

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Last updated by Darren on 03 July 2009

Bio.Rhythm is a six minute experimental film that examines the rhythms of this world. Our world is composed of a network of elaborate systems; in this case, these systems are expressed through sounds, which create rhythms, composing a "soundtrack" to these systems. The film was nominated by the Motion Picture Sound Editors Association (MPSE) for a "Golden Reel Award" in 2007. If you would like a DVD or higher quality download, please email me at [email protected] - Enjoy

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Dead Lonesome

Last updated by Darren on 03 July 2009

Dead Lonesome is a non-verbal film about ghost towns and the mystique of the western landscape.

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Ports of Auckland

Last updated by Darren on 03 July 2009

My love of time-lapse photography was born the day I first watched Baraka. More of my sequences can be seen on my website.

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Highway World

Highway World Poster

Highway World is a non-verbal film from filmaker Martin H. Schmitt. 

From Martin's website:Read more >>>

Time after Time

Time after Time DVD cover

Time after Time, a film shot in Ireland, North America and Australia that celebrates the great heritage of ancient Celtic, American and Australian peoples. Time after Time is beautifully shot, its style comparable to other films found on this website.  Yet Time after Time has its own theme and style.

Time after Time is a film that highlights the great beauty and diversity of the landscapes and peoples of Ireland, North America and Australia.  The colourful landscapes of each of the countries is captured magnificently in Time after time.  The richness of colours gives a wonderful feel to the film.Read more >>>

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Ata Whenua- Shadowlands

Ata Whenua- Shadowlands is a nonverbal film featuring the landscapes of New Zealand.  Shot in the south west corner of New Zealand, known as Fiordland.  Ata Whenua contains images of the landscapes and animals of the region, through a range of seasons and extremes.  The images are beautiful, crystal clear, and set to an impressive soundtrack.

Ata Whenua was created to bring to viewers a rare glimpse of the wilderness of the Fiordland National Park.  Few people get to see this beautiful but remote national park.  The film takes you on a journey, showing you sights you would never normally see.Read more >>>

Aeon - a non-verbal film by Richard Sidey

Aeon Title Image

Aeon is a non-verbal, non commercial film capturing the New Zealand city of Wellington.  Created by Richard Sidey, Aeon primarily uses time lapse cinematography, and is 13 minutes long.  Read more >>>

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