B1A Lancer bomber

This is an image from the film Koyaanisqatsi

Where or what is this image?

B1A Lancer bomber David MartinNew Zealand59
B1-B Lancer bomber (B-1A never went into production and believe it or not the F-14 has 2 engines and 2 vertical stablilisers! Billlybob BobsonAlabamy46
Billybob the B-1A did not go into production however it did infact fly. The first of four prototype B-1A models (s/n 74-158) flew on December 23, 1974. The program was cancelled by decision of President Jimmy Carter in 1977, although flight tests of the four B-1A models continued through 1981. This however is a B-1B as you can see, the nose of the B-1A and B-1B are significantly different. JimmyPEllsworth AFB, SD25
This is B-1A #4, Tail Number 76-0174. It is an B-1A because it has the round ECS precooler exhaust outlets between the engines (B-1Bs have square outlets) and the flat overwing fairing. I know that this is #4 because it has the Cross Eye jammer spine on top. The engine nozzle turkey feathers existed on B-1Bs until about 1993 when they started taking them off the aircraft since they had little aerodynamic benfit while were a high maintenance issue. We lost a lot of them in flight, and it didn't make sense to continue replacing them. ( I flew B-1s at Ellsworth, Dyess and Edwards from 1991-2000) TurkMD18
F14 fighter jet DarrenCornwall, England12
Jimmy the differences between the B-1A & B-1B are in the backbone, the intakes on the engine nacelles, and the nose doesn't have the extended tip, also the turkey feathers on the engine exhausts are not on the B-1B RickBFormer EAFB9
that photo was taken from the vertical s...
that photo was taken from the vertical stabalizer of a B-1A. A/C 3 was the only a model that had the camera. we use to watch some very cool in flight videos. I was stationed at edwards AFB from 1981 thur 1985 and was a mechanic on the B-1A in the airforce. then i went on to rockwell int. and built all 100 B-1Bs in palmdale california from 1985 till 1986. then I went back to flight testing at edwards AFB until october 1988.
Nick GrimmTitusville, Florida2

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