This is Sega "Turbo" cirra 1980

This is an image from the film Koyaanisqatsi

Where or what is this image?

This is Sega "Turbo" cirra 1980 John SanfordMontgomery, AL9
Pole Position AbelCalifornia4
It's definitely Sega Turbo
This is without question Sega Turbo. The big clue is in the LED scoreboard that lines the left side of the display. The same display can be seen in the Arcade Museum's page for this game: Released in October 1981, Sega Turbo would still have been a relatively new game when Koyaanisqatsi was first screened just six months later. It was also the first full-color, sprite-based racing game to hit arcades, and its development put coder Steve Hanawa in hospital for a month due to stress-induced spontaneous pneumothorax, according to an interview at
gweilo8888Knoxville, TN

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