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405 North at Venice Blvd
Tom JeffersLos Angeles
San Diego Freeway
As the previous comment said, it's I-405 North, the San Diego Freeway. We join at on the ramp connecting from Exit 3A of I-10 East, the Santa Monica Freeway, as you cross over the top of the northbound lanes on I-405. We then stay on I-405 North until we get to Exit 57A for Sunset Boulevard, where we peel off and hang a right onto Sunset. There's a cut at this point, and we appear following a red car further down Sunset at the intersection with North Beverly Glen Boulevard. We continue right on Sunset, a curving wall of brush on the right, and stay on Sunset until we pass Baroda Drive on the left. We cut away to the Oakland Bay Bridge moments after the following right-hand turn, just as soon as we join the straight on which you'll find South Carolwood Drive. In all, we drove 6.3 miles, skipping a 2.3 mile section of Sunset Boulevard past the UCLA campus, for a total of 4 miles of on-screen travel.
gweilo8888Knoxville, Tennessee

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