Loon Dreaming (Le Reve du Huard)

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Sasha Daucus
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I love this film, which shows a trip up north by a loon, through the eyes of the loon. I find it mind-bending and transporting and calming at the same time. This one is a short animated film, a little under 8 minutes. It's directed by Iriz Paabo, produced by Michael Fukushima and is a National Film Board of Canada Production from 2002.

I wonder has anyone else who reads this seen it? What did you think?

This is how it is described on the back of the DVD:

"Loon Dreaming" opens with loons gracefully riding the waves. Then suddenly we see the world thorugh the eyes of one of these spectacular birds. We dive down deep into the waters in pursuit of fish, launch skyward from the water and fly high over the busy highways and sprawling subdivisions that scar the natural world -- before gently splashing down on a secluded lake. The artistry of Iriz Paabo and her creative use of digital technology are a magical mix! A forest transforms into an explosion of colour, the passion of looms becomes palpable, and their hunting call resonates. A film without words."

I was given it as a gift and have watched it many times since then, and shown it to many people too. Their response is varied. Perhaps my favorite was when I showed it to a friend and her mother who has Alzheimers was in the room. The mother watched with fascination, and when the forest exploded into color and waves of energy she kept saying how beautiful it was. We watched it twice more and she responded the same way each time.

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