Mark Magidson

Mark Magidson is the producer, co-editor, co-writer on Samsara, Baraka and Chronos.

In the broad landscape of independent film production Mark has emerged as a unique filmmaker who has undertaken artistic projects that are epic in scale, entail great technical complexity and innovation, and transcend an ordinary view of the world.

An inventor and industrial designer with a diverse technical background, and equally comfortable in both creative and producing roles, Mark is a hands on filmmaker who is deeply involved in all aspects of his projects, including concept development, production management, editing, and scoring.  In the course of the last 20+ years he has taken crews to over 50 countries in search of profound and one of a kind imagery.

As co-Producer of the IMAX film Chronos (1985) (Grand Prix du Jury Award at the first Festival International du Film Omnimax de Paris, 1987) he pioneered a conversion of the film to the new 870 format that expanded its availability beyond the IMAX theater group, a protocol that was later widely emulated.

After the completion of Chronos, Mark, with Director Ron Fricke, began developing the 70mm feature project that was to become Baraka (1992) which he produced, co-write, and co-edited.  Three years and 24 countries in the making, the film won numerous awards including the FIPRESCI (International critics) Award for Best Picture at the Montreal World Film Festival.  Mark also received a nomination for Best Documentary Editing from the A.C.E.  

In 1995 he produced and directed Toward the Within, a theatrically released feature length documentary about the world music group Dead Can Dance and singer/composer Lisa Gerrard.  Lisa is one of the composers on Samsara.

For the Baraka Blu-ray he pioneered a first of its kind film to digital scanning process.  The resulting Blu-ray was described by critic Roger Ebert as “the finest video-disc I have ever viewed or ever imagined” and “by itself sufficient reason to acquire a Blu-ray player”.


Dear Mark,

I work for Film Theater De Uitkijk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We would like to screen Baraka. Please get in touch with me about the theatrical rights. And have a merry christmas!

Kind Regards,
Laras Rienstra
Filmtheater De Uitkijk

Dear Mark,

I hope you are Ok.

I am an advertising producer from Spain

I contacted you a few days ago via
but I haven´t received any answer yet.
I just wonder wether it would be possible to license footage from the movie Samsara in a TV commercial

looking forward to hearing from you


Carles Isern

Hello Mr. Magidson;

This is Amin Asadi Rad. I am a short film maker with screen play writing, and directing experience. I have watched “Baraka” and “Samsara” more than ten times, and have great idea about making another episode of them. I will really appreciate if you give me the opportunity of talking about my idea with director or producer. I already completed a primary screenplay for third episode. Please send director or producer’s email address or contact me. I am here in CA and ready to talk about my idea. I don’t want to sell my screenplay or idea. I just want to be a part of film production, if you are going to make another episode.

Cell: (209)684-2978
Email: [email protected]

Amin Asadi Rad

Dear Mark,
I am writing to you as the producer of the Buddhist Film Festival in Europe, which will take place in Amsterdam October 4-6. We are hoping we can screen Samsara. I wrote to the contact sheet on the website but have had no response.
Hope this gets through, please get in touch!
many thanks,
Sarah Payton

Find out more about BFFE at
and look at, for the cinema where the festival takes place

Hi Sarah

Contact Magidson Films direct using their contact form:

All the best


dear mark,
please find enclose my article about "samsara" with film and soundtrack review. i choosed also parts of our interviews. maybe you can do a link to my film and music magazine spirit - a smile in the storm

the article will be published in next edition of soundtrack magazine cinema musica.

would you be so nice to send a copy of baracka dvd to my adress. please send an email to me - then i give you my address.

all the best for you and ron, marc

Love your work, driving to Seattle from Vancouver with friends on the 24th to see the premiere and can't wait! My current project is very much inspired by the films both you and Ron Fricke have created.

Thank you so much for donating the film for the festival. I had never seen it before, and my world has been opened (once again) to a whole new genre of film that I didn't even know existed. I am looking forward to Samsara now!!!

Hai...Mark I hav seen BARAKA.Its a beautiful work.I love it.

Amazing work!! I like that.

Hi Mark,
I loved your work in "BARAKA". I have seen lots of documentary film but your one is outstanding its incomparable with others.

hi there,
loved your work, I am from India in the Movie industry for the last 20 years.I want to use your footage from Baraka... Do let me know as to how do we go about it...would be wonderful if you can get in touch..
Take care and warm regards,

Where can we purchase Mark Magidson film DVD's? What good is it to talk about 70mm film when nobody can buy it anymore?

You can get most of the films via

How can we purchase Mark Magidson DVDs? Google isn't helping.

Hi Mark,

We are looking to buy some footage for a documentary, we would like to license some Baraka footage...Is it available..

Please contact us,

Olga Arana

Trying to make contact with Mark Magidson, UCSB friend. With Harvard Medical School, Dept. of Social Medicine living and working in Brazil some 20 years. In California (my mother's house 408-252-441) on my way to Boston for one year to write a book on Anthropology / infant mortality and traditional medicine. Would love to hear from MARK. Thanks

In your press release about the upcoming movie entitled "Samsara", you said that Samsara was a Tibetan word; actually this is not a Tibetan work, but Sanskrit.

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