Ron Fricke

Ron Fricke, the creator of Baraka, the cinematographer and editor on Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi .

He then devised, directed, edited and co-produced Chronos in 1985. Chronos showed the beginnings of Fricke's passion that was to become Baraka.

In 1986 Fricke created the IMAX film Sacred Site. A 7 minute film of Halley's Comet over Ayers Rock , Australia.

Baraka was released in 1992, a film that took 14 months to film and a reported 5 years to devise.

In December '98 he left Atlas films to concentrate on making IMAX films, a passion Fricke had long been cultivating.

A description (thought to be written by Ron Fricke himself)

Ron Fricke is a meticulous filmmaker who has mastered a wide range of skills. This versatility allows him to carefully sculpt his films during each phase of their development. He immerses himself completely in every stage of production, wrestling with the broad philosophical concepts that underlie his films, designing sophisticated equipment, framing each shot as if it were a painting, editing and color timing the finished print.

In his early work as director of photography, co-editor and co-writer for "Koyaanisqatsi", a renowned nonverbal art film, Fricke experimented with many previously obscure film techniques. He used time-lapse, slow motion and optical phase printing to present familiar images from a new perspective. "Koyaanisqatsi" won a 1983 Filex Audience Award.

Indulging his passion for 70mm, and determined to make life affirming films, Fricke proceeded to direct and co-produce "Chronos", an innovative, nonverbal, IMAX film that won the Grand prix du jury Award at the first Festival International Omnimax de Paris (1987). For "Chronos" Fricke designed an IMAX compatible camera with the capacity to shoot motion controlled images, a revolutionary concept in the IMAX industry. Fricke gained experience on several other IMAX films including "Sacred Site" (1986) which he directed and photographed.

"Baraka", Fricke's latest creation, is a nonverbal feature film photographed in (65mm) 70mm in over 20 countries. It develops the themes of interconnection and transcendence, which Fricke began to explore in "Chronos", ""Baraka" is a journey of rediscovery that plunges into nature, into history, into the human spirit and finally into the realm of the infinite". In order to capture the exquisite rotating star fields in the film's finale, Fricke designed and built a more flexible and complex version of the (65mm) 70mm time-lapse camera he designed for "Chronos". Fricke directed, photographed, co-edited and co-wrote "Baraka" (1992).

"Samsara" will be a visual quest that explores the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. "I feel that my work has evolved through "Koyaanisqatsi", "Chronos" and "Baraka", says Fricke. "Both technically and philosophically I am ready to delve even deeper into my favorite theme: humanity's relationship to the eternal".


  • Koyaanisqatsi (Cinematographer and editor)
  • Chronos (Director, cinematographer, editor and co-producer)
  • Sacred Site (Director, cinematographer, editor, producer)
  • Baraka (Director, cinematographer, co-editor and co-producer)
  • Samsara 


Ron Fricke is currently working on a sequel to Baraka entitled Samsara.

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We are writing you from the Environment Film Festival SEMBRANDO CINE, that will take place in Lima June 1-6th of this year in its second edition. This festival is organized by NOMADAS ( , a peruvian association that has as its objective to strengthen cultural integration between different Latin American people through the film projection (documental and fiction) in places where cinema can’t reach, whether the lack of exhibition places, or because simply there is no electric energy.
We would like to include in the program of Sembrando Cine of this year the film “Baraka in order to make a public exhibition in one park situated in Lima with an airscreen. Our idea is to organize a free open air exhibition on June 5th, as we did last year with the film HOME.
Hoping hear from you.
Best regards.

Could someone put me in touch with Ron Fricke or perhaps Michael Stearn? I have created an version of Baraka with an alternative soundtrack. I have only done this as a person hobby and not for public consumption. I would like to see if the creators would be interested in an alternative soundtrack version of baraka.



Hi, I would like to screen Baraka in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. and I would like to get in contact with the copyright controllers of Baraka. Could you help me?
Thank you very much

Hi Geraldine

They will be in touch soon.



I'm helping organize a nature themed film festival in Leh, Ladakh, India and we would like to screen Baraka. If anyone can provide Ron Fricke's or the producer/ distributors email address, that would be great. Please email me as time is short. Thank you so much.

Hi Sapna

I have sent your info to the copyright controllers of Baraka.
You will hear from them shortly.

Hi Darren, I have the same problem, please could help me with arranging a license to screen Baraka!

Hi Katie

I have sent your details to the copyright controllers.
They'll contact you soon.

All the best


If i could be put in touch also that would be amazing


Just wonderful...there is nothing in this word that can describe the beauty of it and the same time the worst of it...i would like to shake Ron's hand for his work, but is impossible to do all my respect for him and his work...

That would be great. I hope he can include them on a future DVD. I'm assuming your class shot on 16mm film?

I was just wondering if there is anyone that would be able to describe each image and tell me what they mean. I am trying to use this video for a religion class, but I don't know what or where each image is from. So, if anyone has a list that describes them, please e-mail me I'd appreciate it.

Thanks great

I could never imagine anyone can go on living after creating something so beautiful, so true and so ... huge ("Baraka"), this looks like a fulfilled lifetime mission already! Now I can't wait to become acquainted with "Samsara" and really hope it will be out soon.

Namaste, Sir Ron:)

I have never felt so alive, bakara.

I actually bumped into Mr. Fricke and his film crew in 1992 when they were filming in Egypt. There's no one else who has ever come close to capturing the true essence of some of the locations he filmed in. He's fantastic.

I went to school with Ron at Southwestern State in Weatherford, OK. I remember the artistry of his student films. He was always the innovator, the artist and everyone loved being a part of his films and couldn't wait to see his next masterpiece. He probably doesn't remember a fledging art student running around the art building though. It's been interesting watching his career from student film maker to professional. I wonder if he still has his student films?

Just finished watching Baraka. It really touched my inner being, my soul. Thank you for taking me places I would other wise never have seen. I am so glad I was able to have my HD system to really enjoy every detail. Really made me think of every thing.
How lucky we are...Or are we really?
Great job Mr. Fricke.(What Cinematogrophy..Wow!!)
When do you think "Samsara" will be released?

Your nwst fan.

I cant even begin to describe my feelings after i saw the movie. Its something so simple, yet, it just leaves u breathless, unable to move, physically and mentally for long time. To pour in so much emotional content into a movie without any dialouges and modern digital grafix is absolutly superb.The music is just as fantatic as the movie. All praises to Mr Ron. I am a huge fan and will be posting my comments from time to time as i believe i have so much more to say.
Best wishes for the next one!

From the opening majesty of a Semi meditative snow monkey in japan to the shame of humanities ignorace towards the homeless and victims of poverty onto the insane lives of those poor chicks that remind me so much of what we unwittingly do to ourselves.

Amongst all the amazingly shot scenes of beauty and fleeting moments of dispair are insights to create deep thought in the mind of any soul who witnesses this films enlightening perspectives. Ive lost count of the amount of times I have watched it and I practically always feel like it has left me with something special inside myself. This is my favourite film of all time.

There are only so many things that can stir us so perfectly. Your efforts and films do this and for that I am eternally grateful.














I just watchd BARAKA!! amazing film with stunning photographs! I wonder if you have any information to help me cantact Rone Fricke. I really want to contact him.
Thanks in advance,

I met Ron thru my art teacher in high school (R. Roadruck). Ron was still in Southwestern College and shooting a film that needed a motorcycle, I just happened to have one. Ron sat filming from a boom he made from lumber and a rock counterweight, Roadruck operated the boom and I rode the bike wearing nothing but boots, sunglasses and a wool cap. Went to see the finished product and it was unbelievable. I to, like EA Monroe wonder if it still exists, I would sure like to see it again. This all happened in 1969. Fricke and Roadruck so inspred me in art that I have made it my life, I have been doing metal sculpture for a living since 1974. Thanks Ron!

baraka is a great film. when I watched baraka the first time and was listening wonderful music, suddenly i discover that georgian song is including also. i am from georgia and when i heard song in my native language, i was really happy. the whole film is wonderfull. thank you very much. i wish to have all nonverbal films. tina from tbilisi,georgia.12.03.2007

Baraka has been nestled in my film collection (first as a video, then as a DVD) for nearly 10 years now and in terms of an inspiring spectacle there's still nothing to rival it. If Samsara is even half as good then I'll enjoy it. Looking forward to it.

This is by far the most inspiring, thought provoking, and life altering movie i have ever seen. No movie captures "the bigger picture" in life as well as this one. Thank you Ron Fricke for all the thoughts and feelings you've given us in what I consider the most important piece of art ever created in our time.

This is the only movie i've ever went to see about 9 or 10 times (!!!) in the theater when it came out. The ticket lady was almost "oh no, not him again" :-)
Too bad we have to wait more than 10 years to get to see a new masterpiece from Ron.

We had to watch Baraka and analyse for a assessment piece, and I actually enjoyed it, so many things can be made of it, implied, and everyone has a different perspective.
All in all, it's probably the best made movie-documentary I have seen, or ever will see.

It reminds me that i am human. showing so much beauty, so much pain and complexity, this film guives me a sense of being deeply conected to this earth. it made me feel alive, and gave me hope. this extarordinary film was made by ordinary people, so, we, as humans, have this tremendous power to engage in something that really can create value amoug ourselfs. I still see it sometimes, and after all this years, it stil drives me to very deep emotional and racional territories inside me. For all this, i must say: thank you so very much.

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