Ron Fricke

Ron Fricke, the creator of Baraka, the cinematographer and editor on Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi .

He then devised, directed, edited and co-produced Chronos in 1985. Chronos showed the beginnings of Fricke's passion that was to become Baraka.

In 1986 Fricke created the IMAX film Sacred Site. A 7 minute film of Halley's Comet over Ayers Rock , Australia.

Baraka was released in 1992, a film that took 14 months to film and a reported 5 years to devise.

In December '98 he left Atlas films to concentrate on making IMAX films, a passion Fricke had long been cultivating.

A description (thought to be written by Ron Fricke himself)

Ron Fricke is a meticulous filmmaker who has mastered a wide range of skills. This versatility allows him to carefully sculpt his films during each phase of their development. He immerses himself completely in every stage of production, wrestling with the broad philosophical concepts that underlie his films, designing sophisticated equipment, framing each shot as if it were a painting, editing and color timing the finished print.

In his early work as director of photography, co-editor and co-writer for "Koyaanisqatsi", a renowned nonverbal art film, Fricke experimented with many previously obscure film techniques. He used time-lapse, slow motion and optical phase printing to present familiar images from a new perspective. "Koyaanisqatsi" won a 1983 Filex Audience Award.

Indulging his passion for 70mm, and determined to make life affirming films, Fricke proceeded to direct and co-produce "Chronos", an innovative, nonverbal, IMAX film that won the Grand prix du jury Award at the first Festival International Omnimax de Paris (1987). For "Chronos" Fricke designed an IMAX compatible camera with the capacity to shoot motion controlled images, a revolutionary concept in the IMAX industry. Fricke gained experience on several other IMAX films including "Sacred Site" (1986) which he directed and photographed.

"Baraka", Fricke's latest creation, is a nonverbal feature film photographed in (65mm) 70mm in over 20 countries. It develops the themes of interconnection and transcendence, which Fricke began to explore in "Chronos", ""Baraka" is a journey of rediscovery that plunges into nature, into history, into the human spirit and finally into the realm of the infinite". In order to capture the exquisite rotating star fields in the film's finale, Fricke designed and built a more flexible and complex version of the (65mm) 70mm time-lapse camera he designed for "Chronos". Fricke directed, photographed, co-edited and co-wrote "Baraka" (1992).

"Samsara" will be a visual quest that explores the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. "I feel that my work has evolved through "Koyaanisqatsi", "Chronos" and "Baraka", says Fricke. "Both technically and philosophically I am ready to delve even deeper into my favorite theme: humanity's relationship to the eternal".


  • Koyaanisqatsi (Cinematographer and editor)
  • Chronos (Director, cinematographer, editor and co-producer)
  • Sacred Site (Director, cinematographer, editor, producer)
  • Baraka (Director, cinematographer, co-editor and co-producer)
  • Samsara 


Ron Fricke is currently working on a sequel to Baraka entitled Samsara.

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Excellent Film, a life journery with eyes of camera... I watched it three time and will watch more.... definitely it is an master of creativity....

Watching Baraka was an initiation into exploring ones roots while becoming an integral part of a pattern that connects. True to the name , Baraka will remain a 'Blessing' bestowed on all those who long to discover / add more meaning to their existence. I fervently wish and hope that Ron Fricke will some day produce such a masterpiece on India as well exploring this unique land's rich cultural diversity and spiritual legacy...and then i am sure the term 'unique' will assuming a new meaning pointing to 'shared legacy' latent in every tradition.

I think Ron Fricke is a genius. We had this documentary screening in our class few weeks a go and this non verbal film is mind blowing. Really fantastic! Being an actor my self, I could not imagine how srtessful and offort it would been to make a masterpiece such as this. Hats off!!

Es la hostia !!
El mejor documental que has visto nunca, y no necesita palabras.
I didn´t see any film like this, so wonderful ambient sounds and music, no words needed

being a student of cinematography ,movie"koyaansquats" really helps to see the world in an artistc way.

Baraka, two words - absolutely brilliant. This is truly the most captivating piece of cinematogrophy i have ever seen - sheer perfection.

THE MOVIE.... this is ego shattering, mind blowing experience..... after the movie... there is no comments..... only silence... and deep introspection.... and gratitude !!!
Thanks Ron!

the greatest movie i have ever seen in my life till now...i have not yet seen koyanisqatsi... but i feel there are only two great films in terms of cinematograhy, Planet earth and Baraka...i am dying to see samsara, as you have described it to be it feels you are going to unearth the truth of menifestation of the spirit into human being fantastically, infact i myself was trying since past years, how to show that in a frame... fantastic... " Baraka"

I recently heard a rather disturbing sermon from a Christian missionary by the name of Wally Magdangal, at Adventure Christian Church in Roseville, CA. At the end of his sermon, Mr. Magdangal showed a short video depicting places where people needed to have Christianity brought to them so they need not go to hell. Most of the images of people that were used were directly from "Baraka". I founds this to be a very disturbing use of your films images and wanted you to know how it is being used.

After seeing this film i was stunned about the cinematography.. this film shows me,how the creator loves the nature...i cant how to say in words about this film...A great salute to RON FRICKE for giving us such type of one can beat Ron in cinematography. All the best for next film SAMSARA..i am waiting for its release...if anyone about such type of films,please inform to my email id..

My husband and I just finished watching Baraka and it is truly the most outstanding film we have ever seen. The co-ordination of the music was superb. I cannot say enough about the genius that is Ron Frick and this amazing world!!

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