Tell us about your Memorabilia and Stories from seeing Baraka 20 years ago

Last updated by Darren on 15 August 2012

2012 is the 20th Anniversary of Baraka.

We're interested in hearing from anyone who has any photographs of memorabilia, lobby tickets or anything related to the original release of Baraka in 1992.

We're also interested in hearing about any stories you have about Baraka from the original release in 1992.

If you do have any of these then please leave a comment in the form below.

I am high school Art teacher in Madison, WI. I teach photography and video. I saw Baraka for the first time nearly 20 years ago. And since then I have shown it to every class I have taught for the past 15 years. It continues to amaze me that kids age 15-18 have such a profound reaction to it. It broadens their minds about the world we live in. It exposes them to the many different traditions and rituals that our practiced around the globe. Makes them reflect on their appreciation for what they have. And so much more. Thank you for creating this film and pushing the boundaries of what non-verbal films can do.

I have many aspiring cinematographers that I live vicariously through.

... so deeply was I impressed, after seeing it in an art cinema in Perth, Western Australia.

Director Ron Fricke commented, "I really believe that we are connected to everything, that in a sense, I've been invited here to this planet just like you and everyone else has, and life didn't ask anybody to approve of a guest list."

This film belongs in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. Let's nominate it and make that happen!

We have a small theatre in Ostend - Belgium on board of a ship in which we
offer a unique kind of relaxation sessions with laserlight, music and
aroma's. A few years ago, we also used this location temporarily as a public
movie theatre. The room is equipped with a superb full-surround sound
equipment, a big moviescreen of 12m² and the most comfortable seats you can imagine. Baraka was one of the movies we carefully selected for our program in wich we wanted to offer and share an experience of beauty and awareness, by analogy with the SeaSens concept. Everyone who watched Baraka was really thrilled by this masterpiece so there's a good chance we will do this again when Samsara becomes available.

I saw the first showing of Baraka at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh, I then went to every showing after that and in an unprecidented mov,e due to popular demand, they continued to show the film once a month, until their copy wore out.

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