Towards the Within opens with sequence from Baraka

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Sasha Daucus
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Having recently watched Baraka, I discovered that the sequence which turned me on to non-verbal films is actually from Baraka. The video, Towards the Within, is a concert video of the group, Dead Can Dance.

The section of Baraka in the concert video, is the one which uses a piece of music by Dead Can Dance, vocals by Lisa Gerard. The Baraka sequence used contains the line of dancers moving left and right and bouncing up and down rhythmically; and ends with the ruddy faced girl peeking through leafy branches.

I am not a keen music video watcher, but that piece and the following concert video was so powerful for me that and continues to be when I rewatch it. It is very trancey and puts me in mind of our connection, as a human race, how we are part of something bigger than our own single life.

Has anyone else seen this music video with opening Baraka sequence?


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