What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Last updated by Darren on 03 July 2009

What the Bleep Do We Know!?’ is a film combining the styles of documentary films, animation and fiction to present scientific and spiritual ideas.  The film covers the topics of spirituality, neurology, psychology, quantum physics, metaphysics and ontology.


A fictional story line, computer animation and discussion are used to present an idea of the universe and the human life within it.  The film features the story of a deaf photographer as she deals with her past, but also featured are interviews with PhDs in spirituality and science.  Principles are acted out using computer animation.

Why on this website?

Many fans of this website have recommended this film, as it covers topics of spirituality and the planet & universe.  These are all elements that are important to the core films of this web site.  The film has been included to allow fans to discover the film if they are interested.


The actual title of the film is ‘What the #$*! Do we know!?’, however the technology used to implement most internet pages has restrictions on some of these character.  Therefore the film has become know as ‘What the Bleep Do We Know!?’.  The #$*! stands for a four letter swear word.

Good site!Thanks

If you're writing about What the Bleep, please familiarize yourself with the cult which funded and created the film, and please refer to this important article by cult -researcher John Gorenfeld in Salon:

Thanks! I've long been a fan of the Qatsi films, and had not really paid attention to Baraka until I saw your page. I look forward to seeing it.

This movie has it's interesting points and concepts but some people criticize it for being a propaganda movie of J.Z. Knight (Ramtha) of the school of enlightment. Here is a link to a thread on this subject: http://www.cosmicfool.com/discussion/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000750.html Therefor I will propose a different movie to be added to this site, eventhough it too is not in the same genre as baraka,Chronos etc. but still a thought provoking, philosophical film.

A book by Matthieu Ricard & Trinh Xuan Thuan "The Quantum and the Lotus" is much much better than this film. Reviews over here:



Contemplatron - sound structures from the other world

Structures of Infinity

Looked through your site. Good work! Ken.

Proteus from Boston before believing some random article on the internet you should ask yourself one thing---- Did you find anything or anywhere in the movie, any attempt or mention of the Ramtha cult.
Yes did you listen to the creators of the movie??
I am sure you did not.
The main producer of the movie, came in much after the movie was concieved. Earlier the movie had only a small budget and they were all ready to launch the movie with much lesser CG. At the alst moment this particular producer stepped with a large budget. This producer is a follower of the ramtha cult. So this does not mean that the ramtha cult backed it.
I have a friend who is a member of a krishna cult but he is a wonderful person.(as long as he doesnt try to make me join it :-P)
This is an excellent movie and dont let comments or articles like this stop you from watching it.
It is just like saying that all moview produced by christains are an attempt to spread christainity.

The Pearl of the Culture of Civilization. The subconscious mind in the highest levels. All elements of the eternity. Spirituality.


Good site!Thanks.

The concepts presented in this movie are interesting concerning metaphysics, the only thing that bothered me was J.Z. Knight aka Ramtha and here/his involvement in this film. How can a 35000 year old spirit use words like "Hard-on"?? Anyway here is a link to a controversial review about this movie.

I was intrigued by your webpage - until I scrolled down to discover What The Blepp Do We Know!? What the bleep is this sophmoric and trendy film doing on the same page as some of the greatest documentay and art films ever made?
Perhaps fans of this silly film deserve a webpage of it's own. Give yoursleves more respect. Don't include the film.

It is apitty that you put in the same page BARAK, the Qatsi trilogy, and the rest of the films you have with this lame pseudo-scientific propaganda. The main problem with this film is that it does not recognize that actors work/produce differently in different networks. What happens at quantum level is not reproduced intact in the macro level.

although this movie starts interesting enough, it slowly falls into a sort of infomercial, being not at all about quantum mechanics and completely about new age guru's own definition of what to be enlightened means... the premise is a good one but certain "experts" are nothing more than subscribers to some lame school of thought trying to subliminally recruit new followers... EVERY MOVIE on this web page is excellent, but this one does not belong !!!

This Documentation has little to none scientifical value.
You'll get the impression that this is a New Age Commercial.
Actually the makers of this film are members of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment and therefore suspect.

The movie itself is quite hideous.
No aesthetical understanding for composition, use of music, or narrative elements are given, they rather penetrate the hole movie with ridiculous animations and effects wherever they can.
It looks too often like a bad children picturebook.
Please take this warning serious and don't buy this one,
it's as bad as it sounds.

And I agree that this movie has no right to maintain the place in this wonderfull sortiment of nonverbal films.

For the spiritual seeker, this is a fascinating movie, well worth your time and enjoyment. For the advanced seeker, much will already be familiar but you will find it enjoyable anyway. The negative reviewers in this column don't understand this stuff simply because it is not something they are interested in, which is OK.

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