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Update: This competition is now closed.

Samsara is being released on Blu-ray, DVD, and CD soundtrack on 8th January 2013 in the USA and 14th January 2013 in the UK.

To celebrate we are giving away 5 Blu-rays, 5 CD Soundtracks and 5 Baseball caps.

To enter the competition simply leave a comment below telling us about your experiences with Samsara or Baraka.  Don't forget to leave your email address in the email field.  Your email address is not visible or shared with others.

  • 5 winners will be selected at random, each winning a Blu-ray.
  • 10 runners up will be selected at random, each winning a CD Soundtrack or Baseball cap.

The competition will close on Monday 14th January 2013 at 5pm GMT.  The winners will be posted here, and informed via email.

You can also pre-order from Amazon using the links below.  Using the links below gives a small kick-back to SpiritOfBaraka, which helps with the cost of running this website.

Good luck!

Update: This competition is now closed.

I work at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, and this is one amazing film, that I would love to show. The making of the film is amazing as well. Getting to hear about their "commutes" from country to country is both interesting, and something to learn from as well. Thank you for making these great, groundbreaking films! I want to see Samsara, and can't wait for its release.

I first saw Baraka in college. Outstanding film. Can't wait to see Samsara.

My experiences with Baraka begin as an 18 year old, wandering down the hill to downtown Calgary for an evening showing of the film in the summer time with friends. Majestic and eye opening for a young man who was just reaching out into the world. After a decade and after countless reruns of Baraka I wandered back down the hill to downtown Calgary to see Samsara, it was as if it picked up right where Baraka left off and I felt like that 18 year old inspired by the magic of these films.

I haven't seen Samsara yet. I can't imagine what it would look like to watch it on a big screen... Here where I live the showing of these kind of movies is not very common. I loved Baraka and I expect Samsara to be mind blowing as well.

I saw Baraka at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last year and it was a visually stunning experience that I was so glad to see. At the festival, it was one of my favourite films and I ended up taking some friends to see it in November when it was released in Toronto again! Thank you!

I'll never forget the time I first saw Baraka and the soundtrack haunts me to this day, I'm looking forward to this film immensely. Bravo to everyone involved in it's conception - well done.

I remember seeing samsara for the first time in the cinema. I knew from the trailer that it would be something special, and when I saw it I was completely blown away.

Its surprising that a non-narrative can have such an incredible emotional impact on someone. Throughout the whole movie I was completely immersed in the video, transported to lands far and wide. I lost track of time and where I was.

When the movie ended I had a strange sort of calm over me, like I was at peace with the world. Instead of rushing out the cinema, everyone was just sitting down still in awe of what they had witnessed. After a few minutes everyone slowly got up and started leaving the cinema.

I think my friends words after summed it up, and he said it was the most powerful movie he's ever seen. I agree.

one of the most moving and stunning film i've ever seen. Thanks to the Dcd Yulunga video, without it I certainly never have heard of this masterpiece.Can't wait anymore to watch Samsara...

Junior year of undergrad... I randomly took a documentary production class - I was a journalism major - and the instructor provided each of us with a different film to watch each week. When I originally enrolled in this class, it was mostly due to the suggestion from my advisor, as I had absolutely no experience with video, much less documentary production. Watching Baraka for the first time was a huge turning point for me, not just in the class, but also in my life trajectory.

I remember only seeing a VERY short bit of the film in class, and immediately felt as though something significant had just happened. Later that night I invited a lady friend over (whom by the way is now my wife) to watch the film with me, and I recall that we both said nothing not only during the film, but for another 20 minutes after, at which point we dove into about a two hour long conversation about life, humanity, and the human experience.

Later that year, two other classmates and myself went on to produce a national award winning short (13 min) documentary piece on the effects of technology on learning and education (academia 2.0).

That all being said, I am now freelancing as a video producer, and am currently aspiring to produce my first full length documentary... I actually was out shooting timelapse footage this evening and was immediately reminded of both Baraka and Samsara. Perhaps I would have still picked up a camera, but I know very strongly that the imagery captured in these pieces is what inspires me to shoot daily. So if nothing else, thank you.

I was first introduced to Baraka by my brother. I remember watching it in his apartment living room and being in awe as the imagery and music told a beautiful story. I certainly watched it many more times after that, and I even listened to some of the soundtrack nearly every night for a few years to fall asleep. I eventually discovered Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi and even went with my brother to see Naqoyqatsi in the theater. We unfortunately missed Samsara in its best format at the theater, but we look forward to watching it on as big a television as we can manage!

I have been a photographer for twenty years and the stills that I create with time consuming patience and obsession to detail still never seems to compare to what this team has captured with a 70mm. They have taken me to that beautiful spot at that perfect time over and over again with the curiosity of a child and the wisdom of gods. I think that I'll watch them again.

Thanks to the Man with a Movie Camera!

If I watched Baraka only in blu-ray whent it was released, I had the chance to watch Samsara in a very big theatre in Paris in september, at the "Etrange Film Festival".
I was sit in front as always (third row). As soon as the film began (in 70mm) I had tears in my eyes. I was watching Bagan, in Myanmar and it reminded me how marvellous and magic this country is, and how incredible the trip I did there was.
Then I was really in a special state, the kind of state you need to be when you watch that kind of film, almost meditating, absorbing each image, making it mine.
It is now one of my most powerful experiences in a theatre...
A little bit later that day, I discovered for the first time Koyaanisqatsi, in the same theatre. What a great day it was!!

PS: I was here to show you this: really good and powerful!

Baraka is my all time favourite movie. It proves you don't need dialogue to make a fine film. I can't wait to see Samsara.

I went to see Samara at the boulder theater with everyone in my family. This movie was absolutely incredible. I had been anticipating this movie ever since hearing about it as I was familiar with Baraka, also an excellent movie.

I first saw Baraka as a 17 year old junior in my high school Environmental Literature class in 2005 and was thoroughly impressed. Soon after I found it at my local library and had my younger siblings (at the time ages 15, 12, and 10) watch it with me and I remember worrying that they would find it boring. I was delighted to find that even at their young age they really truly appreciated it. Because I am the oldest, I feel a responsibility to show important places or events with them and Baraka has definitely made an impact on our lives. We recently saw Samsara when it came to our town and let me tell you we've been waiting ever since we first saw Baraka. Definitely worth the wait!

saw baraka and want to see samsara. baraka was glorious

Baraka was one of the most inspirational films of that generation, I hope Samsara is able to push the boundaries further and help inspire a new generation of change as effectively.

I live in San Francisco, where the Red Vic movie house would show Baraka every January, when it was open. I wouldn't miss this each year. I wanted to share the movie so much that I would offer to any of the hipsters hanging out in front of the theater (Haight/Ashbury area) to buy them a free ticket to the movie.

My lifelong goal, which I will fulfill if 1.) I win the lottery or 2.) someone gives me a few million dollars is:

--To buy a movie theater in my hometown, and run it at a loss with discounted rates, never turning anyone away.
--Show only Baraka, Koyaaniqatsi Trilogy, and other films found at (and perhaps a few of my favorite Tarkovsky films).

So if you have a million bucks, let me know.

(I'll settle for any other freebies in the meantime)

A deeply moving film that I enjoyed very much. Can't wait for Samsara.

Baraka made me radically change my ways for the better, by showing me the true and hidden beauty of this world; how closely inter-twined we all are, and the enormous power we all have to either heal or destroy... I chose to heal and am now dedicated to providing abundance for all living beings around me through sustainable agriculture and open-source technology sharing... Baraka gave a purpose to an otherwise wasted life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from everyone I have helped thanks to you.

I first came in touch with Baraka almost randomly, just because I knew Lisa Gerrard, whom I loved, was featured in the soundtrack. I remember watching it alone one night in my room: after that I kept Baraka as a jewel I shared with people I loved.

I waited for Samsara for years and, when it premiered, I flew to my girlfriend in Manchester and I tried to arrange a surprise booking for us; eventually it got sold out just a few hours before I decided to buy the tickets and, though I tried all the efforts to get a place, I couldn't.

I waited patiently: I had waited years, I could wait until another opportunity would arise. And it did, a night, walking through Kraków… we watched Samsara in a small, cosy cinema room as if it was screened just for us. It might have not been the premiere, but it was heart-warming.

And, as I watched with the monks the beautifully crafted mandala just the moment before it got wiped, I cried of joy.

Braka was the inpiration for me going travelling through asia and i was constantly reminded of the fils from real life memories that i now have.
managed to buy the video of it in Bangkok which many friends have now watched.

Have not watched Samsara yet. I was introduced to Baraka by a friend and since then i have a totally different point of view over everything in my travels. I've also learned a lot about the power of not speaking and the subtle forms of communication.

Honestly I have to watch Samsara secretly at my place.
This because when I was watching Baraka one time when my girlfriend entered the room in sexy lingery and I prefered watching on, instead of exploring one of natures most beautiful wonders.

I've eagerly await the arrival of samsara for many years now (still haven't seen it, as I'm in NZ at the moment). Baraka has always been one of my favourites. It makes you want to travel, to see the world, but also ha s many strong underlining messages.

The first time that I saw Baraka was at a time when I was very interested in Koyaanisqatsi and the rest of that trilogy as well as the Planet Earth series. I was still blown away. It was the first bluray I bought and by far the one I have watched the most. Somehow the quality of the image seems far better than any other film I own and anyone who hasn't watched a bluray, at some point ends up watching Baraka and having their mind blown. I also really enjoyed seeing Samsara in theaters. I only wish I had been able to enjoy one of the 4K screenings, but I was not able to find one near me.

I saw Baraka in a travel class as an undergrad and fell in love. I saw sites from around the world that were striking, eye opening and in some cases very sad. It is the first movie I always show new friends and I always suggest it. I anxiously awaited the release of Samsara and was lucky enough to see it in theaters. I can't wait to own both!

Baraka was a landmark moment in the evoution of my own appreciation of film. Samsara was a long time coming, but i greatly enjoyed watching it in 4K in the theatre. Infact, I watched it twice, which is something i've not done for many, many years.

Saw it with my wife, her brother and his partner in Los Angeles at a premiere night with the while crew present. It was a spectacular experience and one I had waited for since setting Baraka back in 1998. Would love to are the Samsara DVD sitting next to Baraka on my book shelf.

When I first heard of this movie, I couldn't help but make the comparison to the Mortal Kombat 2 character of the same name.

Then I got the Blu-Ray.

Now when I hear that name the first thing I think of is 70 mm.

I first came across Baraka in 2002. Since then I have recommended it to over 50 people by now, including my college professors. I am not a man of hobbies or interests beyond poetry, nature and philosophy. Ron Fricke and crew have provided to me a body of work in Baraka, Samsara, and Chronos that encompasses all. The non-verbal genre he helped pioneer with the Qaatsi trilogy, is elevated in these, his films. Visual poems that transcend, connect us all, and forces us to ponder every detail of society and ourselves, collectively and as individuals. The films evoke deep emotions that people attempt to feel through drugs and other artificial means. Forget "classics" being taught to our children in school. Baraka and Samsara should be part of every school's curriculum around the world.


after watching baraka so many years.... a stunning treat of life journey..... I am waiting to see samsara....hope the same magic will happen again.

These movies were amazing. I found them to be breathtaking, beautiful and spiritual and disturbing all at the same time. Samsara certainly makes you stop and think. Loved them!!!

I want to see this movie! Baraka was already incredible. Before I watched it, I did not read any synopsis or review. Thus I started with this movie completed blank. And I have to say I was impressed and stunned. Every single detail was right.

If Samsara is just able to get back half of this feeling, it is definitely worth watching.

As a documentarist, i know how is hard to make a movie or any video with quality. And, besides, is hard touch the audience, make they thinks with subjective images. Baraka and Samsara are movies that successful in all criteria. I had a good time watching both. This video made me stop my rotine and think about other cultures and exotic countries and see a new world that is possible discover with Samsara and Baraka.

These masterpieces gives us a feeling of individual placement and meaning in our realm of humanity and earth. With a visually outstanding eye and a remarkable sound extravaganza, one can experience the lives of many through short glimpses of others. These pieces can be viewed repeatedly with insight and awe.

Samsara and Baraka surprise us, fascinate and make us think. They are a very good experience and should be seen.

Thanks a lot Ron Fricke and team.

I can honestly say Barka was one of the most inspirational films of my life, it certainly gave me a different way to view my world i cant wait to see samsura but living remote it will be a while.

almost a substitute for ayahuasca. Almost..

I love all the films of the Baraka-type,because they make you use your brain and at the same time fill your eyes with superb imagery. These are thinking man's films!

Never before has a movie had so much impact on my life as when I saw Baraka for the first time.
It is still listed as the best audio visual experience I have ever had.
Life changing.
This should be required viewing for every human on the planet.
I am looking forward to Samsara as I'm sure it will be the most epic sequel of all time.

6 years ago a classmate showed me Baraka. It offered me a glimpse of a very old, yet a new way of percieving the world.
Because the film not only made me reconnect to a forgotten language it also showed me possible directions of tomorrow.
It made me aware of the fragile and the beauty in the present and it is today one of the films I recomend if someone ask me of a movie who care about all the living.


My heart and mind wept with joy and pain when I first saw Baraka. I have viewed it dozens of times since then. Dead can Dance spoke to me in a way no soundtrack could have. Now, as I enter mid-life, and live in a foreign land across the globe, the city where Dead can Dance are from no less, I am so thrilled to experience Samsara! Thank you!

i was waiting for it, i've seen Baraka and all the film of the quatsi trilogy this was a new way to do cinema, only images and music, i love it. So i'm very happy for this release, good luck!

A mindblowing experience, widening my understanding of the world we live in and making me appreciate the fact that despite national differences, there are so many things that unite mankind.
I'm so happy to see that Ron and Mark managed to get Samsara made in an age increasingly focused on blockbusters and sequels. So there is hope after all :)

To see Baraka is the best way to explore our world on Earth during relaxation. The best film in the universe. :-)

There is nothing like breath-taking visuals paired with heart-rending music to bring our common human emotions together.

I took my wife to see Samsara, we were both transfixed to the screen for the entire duration. The experienced left me feeling excited to be alive on this planet and I felt a tremendous feeling of optimism.

These are fantastic films that complement each other perfectly. I eagerly await whatever comes next in the "series."

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