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Update: This competition is now closed.

Samsara is being released on Blu-ray, DVD, and CD soundtrack on 8th January 2013 in the USA and 14th January 2013 in the UK.

To celebrate we are giving away 5 Blu-rays, 5 CD Soundtracks and 5 Baseball caps.

To enter the competition simply leave a comment below telling us about your experiences with Samsara or Baraka.  Don't forget to leave your email address in the email field.  Your email address is not visible or shared with others.

  • 5 winners will be selected at random, each winning a Blu-ray.
  • 10 runners up will be selected at random, each winning a CD Soundtrack or Baseball cap.

The competition will close on Monday 14th January 2013 at 5pm GMT.  The winners will be posted here, and informed via email.

You can also pre-order from Amazon using the links below.  Using the links below gives a small kick-back to SpiritOfBaraka, which helps with the cost of running this website.

Good luck!

Update: This competition is now closed.

I use Baraka and a discussion revolving around Joel Charon's book, Ten Questions, in my Sociology Senior Seminar class. The book outlines the ten basic questions in Sociology (What does it mean to be human? How is Society possible? Why are people unequal? Are human being free? Why is there misery in the world? etc). After discussing the questions, I assert that Baraka addresses all of the questions with 96 minutes of images and music and without words. Each student chooses three questions to think about while viewing the film. I direct them to observe applications or make connections between the Ten Questions and Baraka. I used the VHS tape for years and recently purchased the DVD version.

Saw Baraka in 2001. Was waiting for Samsara until 2008. Told myself I could die when I would finally see it. Saw it in avant-remiere in Toronto sept. 2011. Not dead yet. Been to most of the places in those films since. This is definitely the beauty of the beast. The only dvds I would send to somebody not of this earth, to make them understand... without words. Thanks to the whole team, and those who spread the word.

Both are simply the ultimate transfigurative cinematic experience one could hope to have access to. These artistic offerings are catalysts for individual, collective and world metamorphosis.

After I saw Baraka, I became obsessed with watching similar films. Baraka left me in a trance-like state -- the music, the visuals -- I was in all those distant lands. I started to think: Why aren't there genre films doing something like this? What if someone did a film like Baraka, but in a ghost world, or a zombie world, or a Lord of The Rings world?

Certain fantasy films have elongated parts that feel like Baraka (The Cell, The Fall, and Ghost in The Shell come to mind). It's been my mission since then to make films like Baraka. That film succeeds big time at what most films strive to do: To put YOU into its world.

Sadly, I missed my chance at watching Samara. The trailer blew my head off though, and I can't wait to watch it one day.


I've had a dream to watch this movie for 8 years, but it was impossible to get a copy or find screening in Russia. Then, many years later, during a year-long journey in India, I found myself in quite village of Vashisht in Indian Himalayas.
During a day, I passed a small village house saying "movie night" and the title was "Baraka". It was a dream come true.
Later that night we parked our bikes near the house and entered. The movie just started. Smoke was swaying slowly in the air, filling the room. Somebody passed us a chillum with hashish... Wow, the journey has just begun...
Thank you for this magnificent experience of a lifetime

Caught the Samsara premiere in SF last summer soon after a screening of Koyaanisqatsi at the Henry Miller library. The meat processing scene in Samsara helped me change my diet.

I still remember the theater and where I was sitting in the theater when this film screened in 70mm in NYC back in the early 90s, the first time I saw it. It was a breathtaking experience. As a former projectionist, one scene in particular caught me completely off guard: when the monk is lighting candles. Never before and not since then have I had to squint due to the illumination bouncing off a movie screen. Many other scenes left me catching my breath, but that one simply blew my mind because I didn't think a reproduction, which is what film is, could ever attain the intensity of actually being in a location.

So Baraka was and remains a life-changing experience. Which is why I've owned it on laserdisc, dvd, and now bluray (and, by far, Baraka is the best looking blu-ray I've ever seen). I've shared the film with anyone who will watch it with me so I've likely seen it more than a dozen times in non-theatrical venues, and at least three times in 70mm (once in Sydney where it was still running five years after release!). I would love to have the same experience with Samsara which only ran for a very short time in my hometown of Portland.

My breath was taken away by Baraka. It had an incredible impact on my life! I greatly look forward to seeing Samsara!

It took me on a transcendental trip high above what my consciousness could be aware of. I was able to transcend space and time and dive deep into consciousness of the being to reach the unity that we all belong to. Hope these limited words were able to shed the light on this personal transcendental experience.

Had anticipated seeing this film for years as the previous work of Fricke and Magidson moved me in many ways. This certainly did the same! Absolutely love it!

In the late winter of 1994., one day, some of my friends just brought a strange CD, soundtrack of unknown movie for us. As ambient music fans, we've just like it, and we did not care about any fact about movie.
After one year, on some kind of student trip, I was travelling through Belgium, and on the end of the journey, I had 3 days left in Brussels. One simple and unreasonable walk around unknown and beautiful places put me on the strange street. I was walking and looking around, but at the moment everything just stopped. I've seen something ! That was picture, that was CD cover on our favorite CD, but 20 times larger :) You guess what was it, and where I was. In front of the largest cinema in Belgium.
That evening I left all of my mind in front the door of that movie theater, reborn my thoughts and get them so much different after watching Baraka !

i deep and heartfelt thank you to the film makers for bringing these sublime works of art to the world! in doing so you have touched the lives of countless sentient beings and done more than your share to raise the planets consciousness!

'Meet me at the cinema at 7pm - don't look up what's on. Just come.' It was early on in our relationship when my boyfriend took me to see Baraka. I had no idea what to expect but I was so pleasantly surprised - 1. by the movie itself 2. by his choice of film.

I fell head over heels for him that night.

It's very hard to show to you in words my experience with baraka. Baraka was a beautiful experience and the only way for you to feel the way I did after watching it is by watching it. I experienced living entities in the mountains, and many gods portrayed their faces. The river of clouds opened my mind to a whole new world of worlds. It made me feel like a little worker ant but a very beautiful one at that. I almost cried when Buddha showed his face to me in the mountains in the movie. The music also some of the most spiritually healing music I've heard. This movie when finished left me spiritually satisfied by giving me a fresh view of the world. Sure, some call the world sick but I can see the beauty in it through baraka. This is why I hope to get the chance to see samsara. Suffering is a part of this wheel of karma and the only way to escape it is through suffering. Baraka showed me much of this and I continue to believe that I can travel anywhere or into anything and experience the sufferings of all human life and earth life through this film. I really must see samsara

My friend told me one day there was something he wanted to show me. He had a DVD that they showed on their big screens at work. There was a segment called 'The Monkey Chant.' He played the Monkey Chant and then just let the film continue. I was amazed by what I saw. When the film ended I had him start it from the beginning and we watched the whole thing again right then and there. Baraka has been the film, since then, that I've most introduced to people. I don't even mind if I loan out a copy and not get it back. I just buy another one. I was glad to be able to see Samsara on the big screen. The two films give one a sense of being more tuned in to life.

Took my wife to see this a few weeks ago as we both loved Baraka.
Both came away with a sense of awe about what is going on in our world that escapes our day to day attention ... So much in this world is just plain wrong.

Baraka is one of my favourite films, it's a masterpiece
It lets you see other cultures and our planet as a living entity without needing actors or dialogue
Samsara I hope will be just as good.


Baraka is the only film in my collection that I can play for anyone, of any age and any background, and have it elicit a positive and engaged response after viewing it.

This is precisely why I am such a huge fan of the film, and can't wait to screen Samsara at home as well!

Thank you,

This film had me more than just in tears, not from any particular emotion, but from the immensity of visual spectacular that seemed to exude all the feelings and multi-perceptual depth of, well, life. On a profound level I can't find language to explain/do it justice, I have been deeply moved and see life like never before. Its incredibly beautiful.

inspiring, amazing, seductive, informative, eclectic incredible cinematic experience. saw it in paris many many years ago. whilst walking past a cinema i saw the amazing photos on the boards outside and was drawn into the most amazing film i have ever seen.

seeing samsara will beanother experience i do not want to miss....but times are is tight

can i win some stuff....that would make it alright!!!!!

Hello, i'm french and fan of Ron F since the "Qatsy", ater what i've looked Baraka with m'y sons, then i''ll be happy to see Samsara with my all family ! Oh, my job : photographer ;) !

Best regards. Cédric.

Samsara was a fantastic follow-up to Baraka. Both are very powerful films from a sound and visual perspective. The film is produced and directed in a way that leaves the images open to interpretation, however a clear them regarding humanities relationship with the planet, universe and each other is painted throughout.

I have only watched Baraka from single DVD before it became remastered. It has really fantastic and magnificent images and sequences! For instance there is a sequence with a monk standing straight up an down in a busy street in Tokyo (I think), where lots of people going back and forth. Seeing this is like BEING PRESENT there!

Samsara was visually and mentally stunning. Absolutely timeless!

I just received the Blue-Ray from the UPS man, pre-ordered from Amazon a month or two ago. This last year I had the incredible opportunity to see Abel Gance's Napoleon at Oakland (California) Paramount theater. To witness one of the greatest accomplishments in film making from the year 1927 was an amazing experience. Many years from now people will study and appreciate Baraka and Samsara in much the same way... as a moment in the history of film when something very significant occurred and the medium moved to a new level and dimension.

I have Baraka on Blu-ray and show it on my plasma (65") to everyone that wants to see something different. After they watch the movie I get comments that they feel it is life changing in the way they think. It has been called spiritual, glorious, sad, incredible. Not to mention a visual masterpiece.

My first encounter with a movie like this was Powaqqatsi, which I saw in Australia in the 80’s. So when Baraka was released I was at the front of the queue, and wow, what an experience.

Samsara I saw in London and then Birmingham and then Leicester. Samsara tells the eternal story of impermanence like never before and I believe it is the greatest film ever made.

Baraka was one of the most influential films for my own filmmaking. I only hope that one day films I work on can awaken in others what that film awoke in me.

I was introduced to Barka by my son who held a monthly movie night and showed the VHS copy years ago. I have since bought three DVD's and one Blue Ray for gifts and show people the uniquenes plus insight with each frame.

Great movie. I just wished the iTunes version had the extras.

These movies were amazing and really spoke to me at the moments when I watched them. I'm really excited to see what lies in store for the future of the "series."

I'm about to go see Samsara today, and I have been a long time fan of Baraka! I remember the first time I watched baraka was in an aesthetics class in high school. Looking around at all my classmates and seeing the shared sense of awe on their faces, I felt the blessing of seeing the thread that weaves life together on screen and with so many beautiful people.

I was introduced to several movies in a film class at University of Houston-Downtown. Even though the teacher was very tough, I appreciate what she shared with us and her enthusiasm. I have watched Baraka many times since and I still find it to be so beautiful and uplifting. I have since wanted to see Samsara and share it with friends.

Before watching Baraka I was culturally encapsulated in the bubble of New England. Witnessing this film in 1998 burst open my eyes to a new paradigm of spiritual living and sacred ceremony. It showed my myriad ways in which people living a more ancient and tribal lifestyle stay connected to the earth and a deep sense of spirituality, and contrasted it vividly against over consuming and producing industrial societies and the terrible effects upon the conditions of the earth and happiness of the people. One of the few films that I can watch over and over again and gain new insight from every time. Not to mention that every frame is shot with stunning beauty (you can pause it at any time for a perfect postcard) and the world fusion music is powerfully emotional and deliciously cued & mixed.
Samsara was very long awaited, and delivered beautifully. Though not as revelatory as Baraka, it offered more of the same, with Ron Fricke's phenomenal DP artistry and a sense of spiritual magic that felt like it carried forth the candle laid down in Baraka. A true treat and feat in the realm of spiritually enlightened multicultural experiences.
I really hope to win the BluRay/DVD and have the chance to watch it multiple times to glean more depth and wisdom from the brilliant minds of the creators.

J'adore manger des pepernoten quand je regarde ce genre de film!!!
Alors s'il vous plaît , pour me donner une occasion de me refaire une petite soirée à refaire le monde avec mon copain... laissez moi gagner un de ces DVD!!!!!! Ce serait vraiment génial!!!!!
Je vous remercie d'avance!!!!

Baraka and Samsara both give insight to living a holistic life, truly mind expanding movies.

Baraka is my all-time favorite movie. I used to watch it on a regular basis while in film grad school as my inspiration and relaxation. When I heard that Samsara was coming, I eagerly--and sometimes vexedly--awaited its coming. I was fortunate enough to see Samsara when it was first released in Seattle with the filmmakers in attendance and got to speak briefly with Ron Fricke about the long exposure shooting.

Koyaanisqatsi made me happy, Baraka gave me tears of happiness , Samsara..............

We have viewed our Baraka DVD numerous times,
and bought a supply to give to people and distributed them
as gifts or just "need to have" friends.

When we downsized, we gave away all our old DVD's
except for this one !

It is a favorite to show people at small gatherings
at our home.

Have been waiting years for Samsara and will do the same with it, I am sure.

Beraka and Samsara is pure human soul. They are not corrupted by words, yet allow us all to gain a greater human experience and briefly feel the joy, sorrow, delight and majesty of our world, Life changing...

I didn't get a chance to see Samsara in theaters, but I own the Blu Ray of Baraka and watch it religiously. This is cinematagrophy in its purest form as an art, and I've been an advocate of Fricke for years. Congrats on getting Samsara made, and I hope chances like this movie start coming around more frequently than every 20 years!

Like flipping through the pages of your favorite National Geographic, the images in Baraka and Samsara bring the world to life. Without words you are taken on a journey around the world to see people and places you never knew existed. The accompanying sound tracks narrate as words could never do. When in the mood to relax nothing compares to these two movies.

I saw Baraka in theaters when it first came out, and loved it. I ended buy the film for my grandfather as a gift. When he passed away the VHS tape returned to me and I have since shared it with my children. Thank you for the wonderful films.

I've seen Baraka more times that I can recall, and have shared it with many others. A friend of mine made a post on Facebook this week showing an interest in seeing Samsara. I'm sharing my response to her post here:

This one time at burning man... I had ventured out for a solo excursion, wandering around the city in awe of it all. As night approached the winds picked up and it was a near white-out condition. I got a little turned around in the chaos and just kept walking until I could find something familiar. During the course of this, I came upon a camp that was projecting a film on the side of large truck trailer. The images were so stunning, that I sat down on the ground, wiped the ever-accumulating dust from my goggles, and began to watch. I was so captivated by watching the amazing imagery while I myself was in such a surreal setting that it was a moment I will never forget. The film was "Baraka."

Samsara is the next film to be released by the same producers. I saw it in the theater when it came out. I practically had the date on a countdown timer. Our world is an amazing place full of things most of us will never see, both beautiful and devastating. Baraka and Samsara shows this to us with breathtaking imagery. Five stars for each film. Don't wait. See it as soon as you can.

I am left speechless whenever I watch Baraka or Samsara. Viewing these movies is the only way to explain it.

Baraka showed me the earth, and it was awesome. I remembered I am riding a living rock around in circles. For me its a meditation within a movie, thought-provoking and therapeutic. I haven't seen Samsara yet because it was not showing nearby, lucky for BluRay. I hope it provides a similar experience and I am grateful to everybody who participates in creating these much-needed films.

Sitting down as a soon-to-be adult in that dark theater, at the Montreal World Film Festival, I didn't expect much. What I went through, though, was no less than a transformation.

Baraka changed my entire notion of the world, of film, and of humanity. It exploded my own world and projected its fragments in all directions, igniting a desire to learn and to connect like no other experience before. It turned me into a Baraka ambassador; I saw it multiple times in the theater, alone and with friends, then subsequently bought a home theater setup to relive the experience. Even now, I get a little burst of electricity saying to someone: "Wait a minute... you mean you've never *seen* Baraka? Oh, boy..."

It's one thing to hear someone describe what they have seen, another to see it as a still, and yet something much grander to see alive, on screen.

Samsara did the same, making me want to dive into the screen and live what it showed me. Until I can, it will be in the select club of the films that make me say: "Wait until you see this..."

Ron, Mark - keep the magic happening. Please. Pretty please. So that, someday, I can write: "Sitting in that movie theater, in my autumn years, I didn't quite know what to expect..."

Marriage of form and formless... Guide for new insights, new worlds. Infinite generator of projections and divinations. Path to the "trans" domains, in us.... in everything. Life changing...

My roommate and I are avid fans of Baraka and show it to anybody who will let us. Our neighbors are originally from India and had never seen it. We had a movie night showing the bluray of Baraka to them and they loved it. We ended up taking them to Samsara a week later. Loaded the car with 6 people total and headed down to Cinetopia. We got our tickets and went in. Cinetopia has 21 and over cinemas serving beer and food so we were set. A few pizzas and nachos and pitchers later we realized we were the only ones in the theater sitting in a single row together. A single man sat on stage with a guitar and played to us instead of normal previews and advertisements. Felt so special like we had rented our own theater. We spread out and relaxed and sat back and Samsara came on. The movie was moving and beautiful and showed so many views of life without judgement or bias and with such a voyeuristic element. Every scene is stunning and the 70mm looks fantastic on a good 4k theater. Though I wish I could see it in every type of theater the world has to offer seeing it with good close friends who appreciate it was the best part. Walking out of the theater alone at 1 am we are all just chatter boxes spouting off our favorite scenes all the way home. I have been waiting for the release to get a bluray so we can relive the experience again. Thank you so much for making real art.

Samsara is the climax on the way from Koyaanisqatsi to now. Depth, clarity, enlightened view. This film with timelapse brings the viewer into the role of a god, watching this from outside with a very slow speed. Timelapse gives an impression of how it must be to watch the world in the recognition-speed of trees and stones. This is all fantastic with the new camera technique of timelapse with swiveling slowly. Wonderful. Thank you.

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