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Last updated by Darren on 14 January 2013

Update: This competition is now closed.

Samsara is being released on Blu-ray, DVD, and CD soundtrack on 8th January 2013 in the USA and 14th January 2013 in the UK.

To celebrate we are giving away 5 Blu-rays, 5 CD Soundtracks and 5 Baseball caps.

To enter the competition simply leave a comment below telling us about your experiences with Samsara or Baraka.  Don't forget to leave your email address in the email field.  Your email address is not visible or shared with others.

  • 5 winners will be selected at random, each winning a Blu-ray.
  • 10 runners up will be selected at random, each winning a CD Soundtrack or Baseball cap.

The competition will close on Monday 14th January 2013 at 5pm GMT.  The winners will be posted here, and informed via email.

You can also pre-order from Amazon using the links below.  Using the links below gives a small kick-back to SpiritOfBaraka, which helps with the cost of running this website.

Good luck!

Update: This competition is now closed.

The first movie I have ordered as Bluray even before I have Bluray player was Baraka. To be more precise, Baraka was the reason for me to buy Bluray player and HD-TV. And it is still reference for this format.
Can't wait to watch Samsara. I've pre-ordered from Amazon UK!

I've been waiting for Samsara ever since I watched Baraka few years ago. When it came out, I got to see it twice in the oldest cinema in the world - Kino Pionier in Szczecin, Poland :) It was a wonderful experience and each time moved me deeply. Thank you for creating this work of art.

I was 24 and living in San Francisco when I first saw Baraka at the Red Vic Art House Theater. It utterly blew my mind and still continues to do so. Samsara was worth the 17 year wait. So happy to be seeing more of this phenomenal work.

I was shown the short sequence from Baraka where the tree is silhouetted against the stars with motion control about 10 years ago at University at was spellbound. I have now gone on to produce a few non-verbal films (Aeon and Landscapes at the World's Ends), both which were largely inspired by my Baraka experience. Can't wait to see Samsara, very exciting!

A beautifully filmed sensory experience of birth, life & death across the world coupled with mediation & how all our lives are interconnected. There are no words, but the imagery speaks volumes - time-lapsed photography & a musical score to rival any, I was breathless, relaxed & emotionally moved to tears several times. Just as with "Baraka" you walk away with a strange sense that you have a different view of the world around you and a better appreciation of the simple joys of being human.

I have shown Baraka to my students, family, and friends for years. You'd think I was part of the promotional team given how much I love to share this film. When Samsara came out, I made a plan to watch it three times: Once with all the folks that loved Baraka as much as I do, once with my folks who introduced me to Baraka in the first place, and once all by myself. Needless to say, I loved each viewing, but the last was the absolute best. Thank you for FINALLY bringing the spirit of Baraka back to life!!!

Both Baraka and Samsara play the music of my heart. Sad but real. Deeply real. These movies made a huge impact on my life, touching the very deep insights of my soul and leaving there an unforgettable mark.

Samsara finally got me to stop eating meat. I think almost anyone who's viewed the film will understand why.

My introduction to Baraka and Samsara began in the most unlikely of ways.

In 2004, the teaser trailer to "Batman Begins" was released to the world. Unbeknownst to me, the short trailer sampled music from Baraka. It was not until a few years later when I happened to be watching the video clip on YouTube that someone commented that the music was taken from the soundtrack to Baraka. Curious, I followed up on that thread of information and I rented a copy of Baraka from my local library. Simply put, I was blown away by the film.

So when I heard that a sequel was being filmed titled "Samsara", I made sure to scan my local theaters for announcements related to the film's opening. Back in October 2011, I got my chance to experience Ron Fricke's vision on the big screen in the theater and what an experience it was.

The sheer breadth of emotion generated by stitching together images from around the world along with music is unbelievable. And that this experience can transcend past the need for words or narration is a remarkable achievement. The films truly make you feel like you are part of an amazing experience just be living in this world.

After many years, one can imagine the level of expectations I had. And with that came a slight worry, what happens when one finally watches it.
Had the opportunity of seeing the London premiere and it was even above the expectations I had.
Edgier than Baraka in many ways, it is an impeccable visual symphony - and as usual, the soundtrack is perfect company to the images.
Beyond that, not sure what can be written about something that defies descriptions... just go and watch it :)... and then join the vast club of people looking for words to describe it...

I've watched Baraka probably 30 or 40 times over the last decade or so and get something new out of it every time. Been hanging to see Samsara to continue the journey!

I remember the first time I watched Baraka I felt thrilled, touched and somehow different inside. It was like a revelation. The world was a big giant puzzle and we were all the pieces, the small parts of that huge puzzle. We were all connected, animals, humans, rich, poor, black, white, we are all one.
Since then I kept asking to everyone to whatch it and discover this new point of view to see the life.
When I bought recently the new bluray with all that amazing images so real, it was like discover again life.

I'm longing for Samsara. I pre-order the bluray as the movie hasn't released yet in any Spanish cinema, and I just hope it to make me feel the same way that Baraka did. An amazing journey to the depths of life.

Baraka simply changed my way of watching cinema. Like a kid I've watched consecutively its scenes over and over, with me I left a legacy of fans and a huge desire for World. As an awakening of this non-spoken movies' monster and its rampaging demand I do not get tired of evoking Baraka as one of the visual and sound masterpieces I've ever seen, glorious in its whole with such subtle and yet amazingly strong messages.
The first non-spoken movie who left me speechless, speechless I'll be after Samsara. And so I hope.

Using words to review a non-verbal experience seems odd when a picture can paint a thousand words. Oh well here goes - Baraka's extraordinary way of viewing the outer world has forever enriched my inner world. Thank you.

Baraka is my favourite film ever as yet.I love the humility with which Mark Magidson and Ron Fricke created a master piece in sound and visuals without forcing even a story line on to the audience. Baraka,like reality is to be experienced as per individual perception.
I was probably within the first thousand to join the email list for thenews letter once Samsara was announced.I even travelled to Boom Festival in the hope that I'd watch Samsara by chance as a surprise inclusion.Please send me the prized Blu Ray soon as a prize.
Love and light from Kashmir,India.

After being introduced to Baraka by my Uncle my mind was completely blown. Never before had I seen a film shot so beautifully that kept me so entranced due purely to the visuals I was experiencing. This is what cinema should be about a profound life changing view not into a fantasy world, but into our own. Baraka, Koyaanisquatsi, Samara, Chronos, etc give us an intimate look into human life and existence whilst taking us to far away places that many of us will likely never get a chance to experience.

I went into samsara with high expectations from Baraka but when I saw it, it actually blew my mind that it was so new and so different from Baraka in many different ways and so I guess what I'm saying is that samsara was actually a very unique experience and in my mind the highest form of artistic expression probably in any film I have ever seen.

Baraka was a blessing. I have yet to see Samsara...but then again, I probably have seen it, just not yet.

Thank you for such excellent film experiences!

A refreshing view of life, it gave me a much needed break from the mundane, I loved the performance artist who put the mud and paint on his face. Much thanks to all who worked on this beautiful film.

This movie changed my life.

I drove 3 hours to see this in Atlanta. I usually wouldn't drive that far to see a movie, but this was no mere movie. The film was amazing, just like I hoped it would be. It was a great experience overall. I shared the theater with fans of Baraka and everyone knew they were seeing something special.

Since watching Baraka my views on how life and our surroundings work has changed for the better. It left me gobsmacked and in awe for the whole duration of the film. It opened me to the ideas of how beautiful things can be, I now want to travel the world and see as many of these types of places as possible. I unfortunately didn't get chance to see Samsara at the cinema due to work on the day it screened in Manchester, this was a depressing day. The magnitude of some of the scenery in these types of film are just mesmerizing. I'm so glad these films have become apparent to me.

These films can provide an experience that should not be missed my anyone. They are criminally under-recognized.

Baraka was highly recommended by a film buff friend. I saw it in 70mm at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX during their 2011 Classic Film series, held every summer. I was in awe of the beautiful time-lapse shots, nature at its finest and man in all places of the world. Seeing Baraka was one of the most important spiritual experiences in my life.

How wonderful to have someone at the helm who so clearly and concisely understands composition. Ron Fricke has no equal.

Watching Baraka was an experience of observing creation and life on a planet... on the planet Earth... actually, it could have been any other planet. The observer is taking in new impressions and completely new perspective of what seems to be known takes place. Deep, genuine feeling of questioning arises: Who we (humans) are? What is life? What is creation?

Baraka was my favorite movie from the time I first saw it, dethroning the mighty Koyaanisqatsi. That is... up until my first viewing of Samsara.

As with Fricke's previous works, many sequences found in Samsara will most certainly be copied by other DPs across all film genres. The guy is essentially without competition in his class and that is why we all fastidiously study, digest and assimilate each one of his frames.

Baraka - so great they (almost!) named a US president after it!

Can't wait to watch Samsara. I've had it on pre-order from Amazon so long, I thought I must have received it and given it away, until I checked my outstanding orders and found it's still there, and still to be released.

Thank you for all your work - on both films.


Baraka was a cinematic experience unprecedented. I have waited for Samsara since i first got wind of it and have watched the trailer countless times breathless. Cannot wait! [email protected]

Samsara is a great movie and the music is wonderful. I went online and ordered the soundtrack the day after seeing the film.

I was long years listening to Barakas ost before i found it was a movie

Baraka is probably one of the best films ever made filled with most incredible cinematography and enchanting sound track. Must see for everyone!

Baraka changed my life. I watched it and immediately started traveling the world photographing, filming and pursuing beauty, passion and all that inspires. I can't wait to experience Samsara!

Wow.. where do I even begin? I watched Baraka back when I was in University in 1996. I had no idea what it was about - the prof just told us to watch it - and I did in awe! The scenery was stunning and it left me thinking quite a bit - which I loved! The music - well it was just as awesome! For many Christmases I bought this DVD for my family and friends - which were just as inspired. When Samsara was announced I waited and waited, and it just never seemed to come. Finally I received a notice from Spirit of Baraka newsletter that it will be released in theatres.. and as soon as it was.. I was there. Loved it just as much! On a stressful day, there's nothing more I like to do but put on Baraka! Samsara would be a nice alternative.

Baraka saved my life. I am looking forward to see Samsara in Spain.

I have owned Baraka for many years & have given copies of it to people as gifts. When I heard that Samsara was in the works, I was ecstatic!!! I have been eagerly following the film's progress & now that it has been released in theaters & on DVD, I'm excited to share this spectacularly moving film with everyone! Both Baraka & Samsara are not just stunning masterpieces of cinematography; they awaken the mind & spirit as they open up the senses to our wonderful world! Thank you for these awe inspiring films!

Baraka has been my "desert island" choice since I fist saw it. Since then I've probably seen it around 50 times, every time just as mesmerizing as the last. I come from a photography background and appreciate the amazing technical feats of the film more than most.

When I heard Samsara was being made back in 2009 I got really excited. I checked the progress of the film at least once a month until its release last year. I ended up driving 300 miles to the premiere in Seattle and was not let down one bit. I would absolutely love to be able to revisit the Samsara experience with a Blu-Ray disc.

Baraka and Samsara are such total eye candy. We made time to see Samsara when we went to Dublin and it was worth it. It's amazing some of the places in these movies are right here on our own planet. Great pieces of work.

For several years Baraka became an important part of a final exam I developed for a course in World Literature, at the high school level. The first hour of the film startled my students because they had to quickly learn to read in a new way. When the film ended we had so much dialogue that we could never finish our conversation before the final bell rang.

It's very rare to wait over a decade for a film of any kind, but so much rarer to wait so long and not feel any disappointment. Samsara is that rarest of gems that fits this profile. Being an avid follower of Fricke's work I first heard about Samsara in the mid to late 90s. Back then it was little more than a word and a concept, but spoken about with real tangibility even then. After such a long wait a trip to the Waterloo IMAX was a given. In glorious resolution it did not disappoint. A natural sequel to Baraka, yet a very different film in many ways with some stunning visual sequences that felt like they represented a much wider range of personal and cultural experiences, which probably reflect real world changes since Baraka. All in all it is a masterpiece everyone should see.

History of films and cinematography is very long.
In this long history nothing ever never compares to Koyannisqatsi, Baraka, and Samsara – the movies.
Thank you, the creators of these films! They are absolutely exceptional, for many reasons and for special people.

Years ago when Baraka was released I would play it in the background at parties. People sometimes ignored it but often something would catch their eye and they would stop and watch. Then find me to ask what movie it was. I gave many copies away as gifts. Now with the release of Samsara, I'm in a new town (LA) with new friends to expose this medium to. Can't wait!

I havent experienced Samsara but have been looking forward to it for the better part of a year, from the time I read about it on the Baraka website. Baraka is a magical movie, combining the universal language of music with captivating scenes from around the world. It is impossibel to see the world in the same way once you have seen the movie

Baraka in my top three movies of all time. So many messages. Absolutely love how the dualities are expressed. Every opportunity I have I share this beautiful & extraordinary piece of art.

I was privileged to be able to get tickets to see the long awaited Samsara. The combination of Mark magdison / Ron fricke's skill and ability in commucinacting a non verbal film is beyond words. I was engaged with every shot, sometimes melting into my seat, but other times staring beyond the screen and asking myself questions of the reality on earth. This is a true part of history, that will inspire generations now and to come, to make different kinds of stories that speak from the heart. We see how everyone is creating this reality together and how its one big playground of joy and sadness. A film of truth, told in a magical, enchanted way. I thankyou for the best cinema experience since star wars in the 80s and inspiring me to make more videos.

Thank you so much Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson. I've been watching your outstanding 65mm photography since I was in film school and was introduced to Koyannisqatsi. Baraka in an anthropology class. I was so inspired and felt so much better about the wonder of the earth I'm living on. I studied point-of-view in film school and was able to apply so much that I learned from simply watching your non-narrative films over and over. I so want to make an inspiring film that you feel that much. Again, I can't say thank you enough for taking the time to build that camera, and work to be the best you could be.

It was so well worth the wait for this movie! I'm dying to see it again and share it.

It was a shock. Clear thought without a words. Drama of Nature, Universe, Wild, Civilization, City, War, Genocide, Freedom and Religion. Meditation indeed.

A kind soul once shared Baraka with my now-husband and I very early in our relationship. Our first viewing left us inspired and amazed, our souls awakened by the ubiquitous pairing of music and imagery. Over our twelve years together we have always returned to Baraka. When our spirit needed to be rekindled of our more innocent youth, when our creative eyes longed to see beyond our mundane surroundings, when our love needed to feel kindred again and less patterned. We have always shared Baraka with friends we knew would just "get it" - and it has never disappointed. Our enthusiasm for Samsara is beyond measure. Our DVD was pre-ordered moons ago and we have our closest friends - the ones who "get it" - anxiously awaiting its arrival so that we can all become connected again as we view it. Thank you for the gift of these incredible films.

I'd literally been waiting 20 years for this movie to come out, and it did not disappoint. Watched at the Cinerama in Seattle with some friends I'd brought along (who immediately bought tickets for some more of THEIR friends to go).

Baraka was huge for me; I enjoyed it on so many levels, and is emotionally and intellectually rewarding the more attention you pay, but can serve just as easily as background "eye-candy" as well.

When describing it to people who have seen Baraka, I tend to consider it an "update" rather than a sequel - there are a lot of scenes and themes that are almost exactly the same, but done with better camera equipment and in different locales. That said, the (majority of) new stuff was amazing, too.

Loved the way this one was able to bring a "cyclic" structure (e.g. the sand-drawing's creation and destruction), and continue to be impressed at how something can "feel" agendaed (in a good way) without ever having to say a word - that's the beauty of BarakaSamsara, and why I absolutely plan to own it personally.

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Samsara Blu-ray and DVD
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