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Update: This competition is now closed.

Samsara is being released on Blu-ray, DVD, and CD soundtrack on 8th January 2013 in the USA and 14th January 2013 in the UK.

To celebrate we are giving away 5 Blu-rays, 5 CD Soundtracks and 5 Baseball caps.

To enter the competition simply leave a comment below telling us about your experiences with Samsara or Baraka.  Don't forget to leave your email address in the email field.  Your email address is not visible or shared with others.

  • 5 winners will be selected at random, each winning a Blu-ray.
  • 10 runners up will be selected at random, each winning a CD Soundtrack or Baseball cap.

The competition will close on Monday 14th January 2013 at 5pm GMT.  The winners will be posted here, and informed via email.

You can also pre-order from Amazon using the links below.  Using the links below gives a small kick-back to SpiritOfBaraka, which helps with the cost of running this website.

Good luck!

Update: This competition is now closed.

I will be forever thankful to the dear friend who shared Baraka with me. She told me that she thought this film was "God" when she put into the dvd player years ago. I understood what she meant.

Baraka had given me a new appreciation for film, nature, beauty, culture, humanity.

For years I shared Baraka with others sparking so many conversations and thought and indeed giving new perspectives for others to now see the world.

My girlfriend was amused this year at how early I wanted to get to the theatre to get seats for Samsara last year but I knew we wouldn't be first. Sure enough... we the theatre was half full already... though we were able to get what I considered the best spot. It was funny how many people were saving seats for friends who had yet to arrive. Never have I experienced this kind of anticipation for a film.

I've enjoyed Baraka as part of my video library for 10+ years. I've long found it to be a meditative journey that allows me to escape my daily routine and appreciate the beauty and complexity of the wide world we live within.
Watching Samsara in theatre, it was special to witness something that captures the same sublime, yet from new places and generates new emotions in me. I can't wait to have Samsara at home, as a ritualistic escape from our daily druthers.

Baraka has been a great experience for me for years. I have shared with many of the groups I have teached meditation. My name is Fabio Guevara and I live in Costa Rica where I've been trying to convince the only one alternative movie theater we have (Sala Garbo) to bring Samsara.

We are the few ones... we, who are living in a huge (and maybee a useless)Samsara; we, who are living in various places and countries, and altough there are cultural differencies, we need nothing, but Fricke's universal language.
Senses... feelings... emotions... music... and beside of all: IMAGES

These movies are what Huxley meant by opening the doors of perception. They gave me a pleasantly altered view of reality, even of the places I had visited before experiencing the movies. They make me want to go out, spend a boatload of cash on an amazing home theater so I can experience them again and again and again...

These films opened my eyes to amazing places, including Mingun's stupa. Impressive.

I was blessed with the experience of seeing Samsara on Ken Theater in San Diego CA. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Just like Baraka, it planted a seed of religious devotion. I truly will say that its intensity went deep into my heart. I forgot that I was in the theater and was simply drawn into a religious experience of beauty, passion, sorrow, regret, empathy for animals, and a celebration of the diversity of human religious experience as an aspiration for all that is benevolent and good. Thank you very much. I had waited for many years for this experience, and it was worth it every second.

I was blessed with the experience of seeing Samsara on Ken Theater in San Diego CA. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Just like Baraka, it planted a seed of religious devotion. I truly will say that its intensity went deep into my heart. I forgot that I was in the theater and was simply drawn into a religious experience of beauty, passion, sorrow, regret, empathy for animals, and a celebration of the diversity of human religious experience as an aspiration for all that is benevolent and good. Thank you very much. I had waited for many years for this experience, and it was worth it every second.

If Fricke was a musician and Baraka was his first album then Samsara is a brilliant follow up. Both films share the same style, overture and impact taking from the his vision but each are unique expressions that can be enjoyed as a pair or as stand alone exhibits of humanity. Samsara has everything one might hope and expect but then it comes at the viewer with new sophistication. I am glad to have seen these movies and hope theaters around the world hold annual screenings so we may all be exposed and reminded of the messages the films carry.

What I love so much about these movies is that without any narrative, they manage to speak to so many people, in so many parts of the world, and each person takes something different from the experience. What powerful movies, stunning to experience.

Both movies are stunning. They take one on a journey through the collective human soul (both good and bad)!

I am so thrilled that Samsara is out on Blu-ray! I have shared Baraka with many colleagues and fellow instructors. I watch Baraka several times a week and see something different every time I watch it. It is inspiring to have on the tv even in the background while writing or doing just about anything. I am terribly disappointed that so few theaters were showing Samsara on the big screen. I hope that the Detroit Film Theater or some other venue will show it again because I was not able to see it in this way. Thank you Ron Fricke and gang for all of your hard work and determination to bring this to fruition. It has changed the way that I envision storytelling and movies and has opened my eyes to seeing life in a new way as well. I loved the juxtapositions especially. I loved seeing the bonus features that explained that the scene in Tokyo with the bell (monk) was completely unplanned. Amazing!!

What a different experience. Watching this movie is like a dream, or meditating... it engages a different part of the brain than does the usual movie-watching experience. More like poetry or music -- you just relax into it and experience it, without having to put forth effort or think rationally.

I liked it a little more than Baraka. The quality has improved, it's a bit more sacred-feeling, and THE MUSIC! Ah, the music! Of course, maybe I preferred it because I actually got to see it in theater. (When Baraka was released, I was 8.)

As I just mentioned, Baraka is an experience that cannot be put in words. It would be like trying to explain a colour. Baraka is a great example of the power and depth of the combining images with music. It is so moving and so powerful that it really feels like having been reborn in some way. Unfortunately, the feeling does not last forever as it dissipates within time. Samsara should be a very similar experience.

I first saw Baraka on its release. A 70mm print, of the film, had been made and it was showing in a cinema in Piccadilly, London. Up to that point I had never actually seen a 70mm print projected. I had heard of Koyaanisqatsi and I knew that the cameraman, of that film (Ron Fricke), had gone on to shoot and direct Baraka. The combination of a 70mm print and a Dead Can Dance soundtrack was too tempting. I was not disappointed - from the very first image of the baboons in the hot springs in Japan I was mezmorized by the poetry of the film. The moment Baraka was released on VHS I went out and bought it and the soundtrack on CD. Of course I have been following Samsara's progress with great interest. There are not many projects in the world now days that take five years to shoot and are shot on 70mm.
I live in Finland and the moment Samsara is shown here I will seek it out, I know I am guaranteed a thought provoking experience. Thank you for continuing to make these films, I am sure there is little reward for all your hard work but you are making something absolutely unique.

That must have been really cool to see this on the big screen. Do you find that you lose a lot now seeing it at home on the tv?

Baraka is one of the most amazing and inspirational films I've seen! I look forward to seeing Samsara!

The beautiful and the not so beautiful. Baraka expresses this contrast better than any film I've seen. It is a work of genius. Samsara shines as well. The moment I'll always carry from Samsara was walking from the theater at the film's conclusion 'with Michael Stearns' Organics piece carrying me out onto the streets of Philadelphia. The real world. It's hard to figure out how to take it.

Samsara the film which I saw in a theater, Fricke certainly captures beautifully the samsara/faring-on (original meaning of the term) of modern times!

So very excited to finally be able to see this film. I was very disappointed that I wasn't able to catch it in a theater near me. Hopefully the bluray will be a fitting replacement.

Many thanks to Mr. Fricke for making such moving pieces of art!

I saw Baraka long after its release in a Landmark Theater. I was spellbound, and soon sought out other films, but nothing compared. I have followed Samsara since the first hints of release and eventually saw it in the same Landmark Theater that had screened Baraka years before as a special engagement. The films have shaped my view of the world and my own creative direction and have inspired me to learn film.

I think Baraka is one of the most beautiful movie ever seen, and I'm sure Samsara will be (if it's possible) better. Greetings from Formello - Italy

I had been waiting years for the release of Samsara having probably seen Baraka more than my family. I travelled to London to watch it at the Curzon cinema which has a great screen and excellent sound. The problem was though that the whole experience was so relaxing I struggled to stay awake. Being in such a dream like state I can't be sure if I managed to stay awake or not.

Can't wait to see Samsara again and work out which parts were real and which parts i dreamt.

My heart skipped a beat after seeing Baraka. I saw things only manipulated by time that exist in our dreams. The film left a stunning impression in me. A few years later i looked seriously into filmmaking. That's what I pursued and what i do now. Baraka has always been a backbone and a sort of threat to guide my instinct and intuition while filming. Baraka works by tapping deeply into human element and the vastness that spans history and the universe.

Both films are stunning. I have nothing but huge admiration for Ron and Mark in their Achievements.

I first saw Chronos when I was in high school and it was the first non-narrative film I had ever seen. I saw in at the Exploratorium in San Francisco on Imax and was really moved by it. It seems like the most historical in theme of the series.
Then Baraka was released just as I graduated from college. It was even more spectacular then then Chronos. It was getting a glimpse of what some would refer to as a kind of cosmic consciousness.
Samsara is a great way of closing the trilogy with showing just how much things have both changed as well as stayed the same since Chronos was released.


I first saw Baraka at the Egyptian Theater in LA... to say the least I was blown away. I left the theater with a complete shift in my perspective on life, art, and myself. I immediately purchased the DVD and it has been my treasured go film more times than I can count. I have shared it with many other people of all backgrounds and ages. The one thing we all agree on is its power. I have been awaiting the release of Samsara ever since and I'm beyond thrilled that it is finally released... I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait!

Thank you and Bravo!!


Baraka was a real eye opener; I had never seen a documentary like it and it just blew me away. It's the blu-ray I demo when showing off my system. It led me to earlier works like Chronos, Koyaanisqatsi, etc and even though they preceded it, Baraka will always be the "best" one of these types of movies to me.

I saw Samsara in the theater opening night once it was widely released in my area. Although I love the movie, I was just a teeny eeny bit let down as it can't really compare to the experience I had watching Baraka for the first time. Also didn't help that a couple of people a few seats away wouldn't stop talking through the 2nd half of the movie.

A favorite, it is a unique perspective that reminds me of the diversity and similarities of the life experience. It inspires a desire to travel, try new things, and think about a bigger picture. I can't wait for my children to watch when they are older, and I have high expectations for Samsara.

As simple as Baraka is the film most times I've ever seen in my life and most people I've ever talked about.

Samsara... is not going to be showed in Spain, where I live. I've tryed to travel to London but it's very difficult in my circumstances. So sad because I've never seen even Baraka in a theatre.

Waiting to be lucky in this contest or have to visit Amazon.

Congratulations to all the stuff involved for such amazing work since it changes my life in the way I undestand cinema, photography, motion photography, music, all mixed in a non-verbal film since those early years somebody show me Baraka, Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi...


I think that if Extraterrestrial life is real, we should provide a copy of Samsara as a proof of what the humanity and the earth is all about.

I studied film in Glasgow, Scotland. One of my electives was a Classic Civilizations class. Trying to hit on a girl in that class, I ended up discussing classic civilizations on film. She said her favorite movie was Baraka, which I'd never heard of, and she just happened to have her copy in her bag. I borrowed it and watched it that night. It changed the way I thought about film. I harmed my dissertation by desperately trying to crowbar some of the ideas it spurred into my thesis! I never got the girl but I'm incredibly grateful I met her.

About five years later, I've moved to LA to marry the girl I did get. I see Baraka at the Egytian in 70mm. It's not in perfect condition but its still glorious. Then I'm reading the news on this site that Samsra is completed. My friends and I pay to see a special screening of Samsara at the Archlight in LA. I was especially excited because Fricke was there. He very briefly introduced the movie, and it immediately went beyond my expectations, but soon after the sequence on firearms ownership the 4k projection crapped out. It was down for at least 5 minutes. When it did come back on it was clear that while the movie had stopped projecting it had still been running. We'd missed a sizable portion on the movie during this "technical problem" and it was now literary in the final minute.

The lights went up a Fricke was gone before even entertaining a Q&A. Everyone exited less than happy, cursing the 4k and lamenting that 70mm prints hadn't been made. While waiting in line for my refund the person next to me said she had seen Fricke in a heated conversation with a member of staff.

Not having the chance to be part if a Q&A with Fricke, that was frustrating. Not being able to see Samsara in its entirety, that made my depressed. I need to see this movie all the way through! If I don't win it here I'll be asking for it as a birthday present come April.

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