Gudang Garam Cigarrete Factory, Kediri, Indonesia

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Gudang Garam Cigarrete Factory, Kediri, Indonesia NicoleIndonesia27
Guddan Garan Cigarrete Factory - Indonesia JulianBrazil23
I smoke 2 packets of Gudang Garam International cigarette daily. Yesterday I purchased 2 packets from one shop. I found that the cigarette does not have the flavour of CLOVE and it gets finished in just 2 minutes. However, the original Gudang Garam International cigarette has the CLOVE flabour and it takes minimum 4 to 5 minutes to smoke. I think duplicate cigarattes of Gudang Garam International are manufactured either in Mumbai or Ulhasnagar. Kindly look into the matter and take immediate action. VijaykumarIndia, Mumbai1
Hi i am a big fan of this cig i tried this for the first time in indonesia a year back n i got 20 cartons of it .Ever since it got over i have been searching all over bangalore and all the cigs were definetely fake so if any1 knows where to get it here plz let me know bharathBangalore ,India1
gudang garam cigarettes
I'm a retired shipsmaster. Years ago, on arriving to a port i Idnesia, my 1.mate told me about Gudang Garam cig, and urged me to try them. I did, and I has been hooked since. It is a lovely, strong cig. My problem now, living i denmark, - as it was whenever my ship was out of Indonesia waters- WHERE to get MY cigarettes.? Luckily my daughter is engaged in travel-buiseness, ansucceed sometimes!! to carry back to denmark one or two boxes. (Allthough she do not like the smell) Ole
ole juul jensendennmark
Really very bad taste
From past 3 months i have felt that the taste of gudang garam cigarette has become very bad. It feels i like I'm smoking a burning Paper. In Chandigarh and Mohali region of Punjab, it tastes very bad. I dont know about other areas.

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