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chicks CihanIstanbul Turkey929
A disgrace to humanity. An awakening piece of visual text. ThereseMargs, Australia849
Its kinda sad how everyone is concerned about these chickes being caged up for the rest of their lives but don't seem to care about the slaughter of 6 million innocent poeple at Auschwitz in Poland Bob with one oNorth Western Siberia299
Smthing to think about twice FranAlmería (Spain)286
That looks so tasty. It is hypocritical for us to call this cruelty or evil when it is us (not the owners of that factory) that are consuming these chickens on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the chain of life is not fair. RaviNew York283
have we forgotten we are animals too. TomUS269
this doesnt happen JUST to chicks it also happens to other animals FuzzleDK265
Viewers seem to have more compassion for the chickens than the humans who are pushed in and out of the train. jessaustralia246
This exemplifies the lack of freedom in our lives. It means that no matter what we do or what congress says we are still out of control of our own lives. AndrewUtah235
Your sadness is the poing of the clip, in my class coutnless people gave sad sighs and shouts of indignation throught this scene, yet remained silent and unmoved my human prostitution, poverty and starvation fcanada235
wow!what can we say! this reflects the harm the happens but we never witness!this touched my heart and i will never forget! Kurt Kevillmargs,Austarlia231
the living production, modern world olapoland227
This reminds me of the scene in the matrix, where it shows the feilds of humans being cultivated and used as battery cells. TimBritish Columbia, Canada227
I became vegetarian about six years ago thanks to this image. I think it shows our social system as something discructive not only for the people but also for the nature involved in it. Érica GiesbrechtBrazil224
They are sorting the chickens by sex. Females are debeaked (so they don't peck each other) and go to the cages. Males are killed. TomFlorida223
It compares the chicks to humanity. We are shuffled around, just to end up working. And what do we do? We work to earn money to go out and buy chickens to eat and go back to work. We live just to spend our life cooped up, and just work. What problems are solved? It is all to make our "society" liveable. What is truly accomplished? We are, in a sense, as the chickens. Nothing is accomplished. JonProvo, Utah222
We live in a world in which a living animal has become an exchange value, a dollar sign. joecalifornia220
I thought the chicken scenes were some of the funniest clips of footage on a documentary ever. Apparently 299 other people in my Intro to Anthropology class did not. Whatever, they all eat fried chicken and they love it. JosephUGA - Athens, GA217
welcome to the machine rickusa215
This is not Chickens for eating they are being locked up for their eggs!!!!! That is why scenes ahead are of white ball like things. These chickens arn't eaten, they are locked up in tiny, tiny cages, their beaks filed (to stop themselves pecking their fur in boredom) for thier eggs (always buy free range) katieaustralia210
All life is suffering. Humans suffer, animals suffer, baby chicks suffer. But as members of the top of the food chain with intelligent minds, our duty is not to stop eating animals, but to recognize our incredible gift and treat our food as humanely as possible. brittcalif209
You can look at this seen in comparission to western society as it is today in the fact we seem to live a life of unifrom striving for the almighty dollar for the capitalist regime, all mass produced for that singular purpose. mattsydney205
This part made me so sad. The poor things, routed through machines like inanimate objects. JenBrooklyn, NY205
It is about how cruel the humans can be how we can hurt and use even the inisint Ben JacobsonUtah205
I believe the director is trying to show us how helpless the human race really is. Led by socioty and leading society in a circle. We are the chicks. How he put the scenes of people rushing around on the streets right after the one of the chicks rushing alond the chute. It's sad isn't it? PauloUTAH!204
Just another number, not an individual. AshleyOhio202
One result of population growth and here comes industrialization to the rescue....or is it? SophiaJamaica201
most people will watch this.. feel sympathy yet go back to their normal lives pretending to be ignorant. Miss Jess from australia, we feel more sympathy for the chickens because they didn't choose to end up in cages while we human have chosen to get squished on trains. Najlah33
Have we become societies chicks? MelissaMiami, FL16
The chicks are debeaked so that the pain keeps them awake: thus, it doesn't waste time for the owners of factories to grow them and sell them to the general public as food. Lizbeth M.Miami, Florida5
It's sad to say that this is what happen to most animals. TylerMiam,FL3
By far the Worst treatment of animals I have ever seen. No one should ever be allowed to treat animals of any kind so horribly. We as humans should really be ashamed of what we do for food now a days. This really is nothing more than a disgrace to the human race. Jeffrey LaBeachMiami, Florida3
This a vivid of our our ver increasing population requires more and more food therefore leading to the mass production and extinction of such animals. rudyMiami,FL2
It's really strange how people react to this video. In my class, all the girls were moaning and groaning, but let me tell you, those little chicks had it easier in some ways. Their pain and struggle was a lot less compared to what other animals go through on a daily basis, just so we can end up eating them. We see that video, but most of us forget about it later. How many of us actually go and fight for the ones who can't fight for themseves? Oksana K.Charlotte, NC, USA2
I hate how their being thrown around and treated like objects rather than living creatures. Emily SailorsPennsylvania2
This scene affects people because it's the only scene in which we directly witness brutality. All other violence in the movie is indirect and at arms length. The chicks make us feel vulnerability. People who don't feel the horror have been desensitized and have lost part of their humanity. That is a problem with a vocal but subatantial minority here in the US. Each time any of us pay to watch a violent movie or let dehumanizing comments ride, we help people numb out more. Numbness just allows us to create a world with more pain. KimConnecticut, USA2
unfortunately, this is what society has come too: Mass Production, and we are all about MONEY (Capitalism). Jessica USA1
this is disgusting, the poor chicks have no idea what is happening and the way those people throw them around id gross charlesauatralia1
This relates to the people they cram so tight together they dont even take the time to stop and smell the roses, and later there in cages just as we will imprison are selves. AlexUtah1
is subjugating another lifeform to reduce it’s existence in this Universe one of mere food item right? Chickens and cows and pigs have ceased to become anything other than a source of protein, and gristle. A menu item. An ingredient. Is our gift of reason in order to make a choice over what we eat and to realize that all life in the universe is sacred and precious. That any life is singular in its existence C.R.BrownAtlanta, GA, U.S.A1
dark side of the mankind

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