Seeking a muscian to help score a short independent non-verbal film

Last updated by Darren on 03 July 2009

Paul Ramsbottom is seeking a musician to help score a independent non-verbal film.

Paul's email address is: pramsbottom @ (remove the spaces)

Pauls message below...

I am seeking a creative collaborator (or a small group of people) to create an original score for a short film project. Ideally I am looking for local people in the San Francisco / Bay Area.

This film is a high definition video project that I have been filming in SE Asia since 2002. The working title "16x9" reflects the sixteen or so South East Asian nations that I have visited during nine trips over the last 5 years.

This is the first time I have presented any of my work or sought the assistance of others (except in your class). My ambitions for this project are very modest; perhaps to create something worthy of entry in a few minor film festivals.

This is a no-budget production, and I am not soliciting paid help. This might be suitable as a student film project or for someone with a keen interest in this genre of films, looking for a first project to become part of.

In return, I can offer you full participation in this project, and broad creative control and credit. I’m seeking an artistic partner, not just someone to score my visual ideas.

I’d like to find someone who is used to working with Apple Macs, OS X, Final Cut Pro Studio, & Soundtrack Pro. I can provide you with this equipment if you do not have your own. I will probably consider gifting this equipment and software at the end of the project, providing the collaboration is a successful one.

I have edited this short eight minute ‘proof of concept’ in order to show some of my footage and a few of the ideas I have about this as a finished piece:

Large 316MB h.264 file, please view with a broadband connection and the latest version of Apple’s Quicktime. It's been hinted for web streaming but unless you have a very fast connection, you'll probably want to let it download for a while. I can also provide it on DVD.

This has not been color graded, and the sequence and narrative is not exactly what I foresee for the finished project. However the non-verbal style and split-screen motif will be central to the finished film (although I am planning on a greater proportion of full frame imagery).

The basic objective is to illustrate the range of religious, cultural and economic diversity in South East Asia during the first decade of the 21st century.

This will be supplemented with existing footage from China, Mongolia and Thailand, plus new high quality XDCAM 24p material shot in China, Tibet, the Philippines, Brunei and Cambodia during the next 6 months.

I am hoping this will be a fun and productive collaboration. I’m a really flexible individual and definitely don’t have a film-makers ego. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Final note, the clips above includes scenes shot in Burma during April 2006 but I do not advocate tourist travel to this country, and regret my decision to visit there.



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