Winged Migration shown on British television

Last updated by Darren on 05 July 2009

I was surprised and delighted to notice that Winged Migration was shown on British television on 27th December 2005. It was shown on a satellite or digital channel (UKTV History I think). Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi have been shown in the past, but only on a few occasions. I am British and live in Cornwall in England. Until recently we have had only a limited choice of TV channels. The introduction of satellite and digital channels has generated many new channels, which are able to show more underground films such as Winged Migration.

I noticed it was on, but was watching television with my house mate. I switched to the channel whilst checking what was on the other channels. I didn't expect my house mate to be very interested in the film. But whilst I was checking the schedules on the other channels my house mate explained 'that filming is crazy' referring to a shot of the camera actually flying amongst the birds, in a near impossible fashion. I explained that the film was one on this website. We watched the film until the end. That was a bit of a treat for me. All of my close friends know about my passion for these films, and most have seen Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi, as these are the most accessible. However only a few friends, who are keen fans of the genre (Al and Tash), have seen the others. Most people would find watching the more specialist films, such as Winged Migration strange.

Hopefully these films will be shown more on television, allowing more people to view them. Winged Migration is a great film.

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