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Where or what are the glimmering ceilings near the end of Baraka?

They are of the Mausoleum of Shah-e-Cheragh in Shiraz, Iran.

What do I legally need to do to show a film?

You need to get permission from the film publisher to show the film.

Can you help me contact the publishers?

Yes.  For Baraka and Samsara you can contact the team through their website.

For the other films I suggest you contact the publishers yourselves, as I have no contact with them.

For Koyaanisqatsi you can contact the IRE through the Koyaanisqatsi website.

Do you have contact details for the people involved in the films?

I have no contact details for anyone involved in the films, sorry.

Are they worth seeing on the big screen?

Definitely, if you can find a showing.

what is the name of the song in the trailer that was released later. I am in love with it! It's an instrumental piece and it's not in the original soundtrack album. Here's the link to the trailer:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIxawleLISM

Did you get permission to film the people and their rituals, ceremonies in this film? How did you do that?

hello there,

i'm trying to find out who's the contact for the film rights.
i'd love to use some of the baraka scenes in a musicvideo.
please help out - thank you so much!!!!


I have sent your details to the copyright holders.



thank you Darren!

could you maybe send the contact to my mail account?

[email protected]

i haven't heard anything by the copyright holders so far.
if it's a negative answer i know i can keep on going.
if there's no answer it keeps on buzzing around my mind.

i'd love to share the wonderful concept with those involved.
sorry for being impatient - i'm very passionated about the project.

I must agree with the query posed by Lloyd P in the comments. Les Animaux amoureux (Animals in Love) is a wonderful French film with a tiny bit of narration at the beginning to set up the film, but sans dialogue throughout. It's even scored by Philip Glass, sharing yet another characteristic with other films on this site.

This film sounds interesting. I have added it to my list.

I absolutely love this movie and have watched my copy about hundred times. If there are big sceen showings of it, a mailing list should be started so as to inform the lovers of this film!


Where is Les Animaux amoureux (Animals in Love) on your website?


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