These are all great films. But what's this SINGING MONKS documentary? That URL doesn't work :/

I made a documentary about SINGING MONKS in the Georgian Monastery of Zarsma between 2006-2010.
It was shown at the international spiritual orthodox Film Festival 2010 in Batumi, Georgia, where it was chosen to open the festival. I do not have a homepage, but would upload the 75 min docu , if you want-to a server that you indicate me. You can watch an excerpts as well as the full movie on the monasterys website. /( yes these monks have internet and iPhone)
then- go to the section Video, there you see it.

The idea of the film that portrays life of the monks and the stone walls of the monastery ( some interviews, but no comment text ) trhoughout the four seasons. Spring, Summer , Winter, and than finishing with fiery Autumn.The idea is, that stone seems eternal, and people are not. But since the church music has not changed over more than 1500 years, paracdoxically the singing voices and the ever changing landscape with its repeating season are in fact less ephemeric and more lasting than even the paintings, stone monuments and iron bells of this very old monastery, let alone their individual inhabitants. But thus people being in a tradition can touch eternity too.. A tribute to the human voice and our own as well as the sorrounding nature. .
best wishes from Berlin
Thomas Schnmidt, skype name: trickster0309

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