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Genesis is a film about mother eath.  The makers of Microcosmos and Winged Migration continue their theme in Genesis, showing beautifully shot images of the worlds creatures. 

Genesis paints a picture of how the world was created, and what creatures live on it now.  The images are dazzling, as with the pairs other films.  Images include The Galapagos Islands, Madagascar and Iceland.  Many of the animals are shown in amazing detail.  Allowing one to see what would normally be missed.

Although the images are expertly edited, Genesis lacks the 'wow' scenes that make Microcosmos and Winged Migration so great. A narrative is provided, with subtitles.  An African elder describes the history of the world through its various stages.  There are many assuming scenes, as in Microcosmos, making Genesis equally as appealing and suitable for children.

Genesis took a reported 6 years to make.  Genesis is currently only available from Europe.


Bruno Coulais provides the soundtrack which some will find excessive towards and end of the film.


  • Directed by Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
  • Written by Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
  • Runtime: 81 min

"The makers of Microcosmos and Winged Migration continue their[...]"
No, Winged Migration was made by another french team !

It's largely the same group of people. About 50%.

I just want to thank all the people who made this film for the pleasure it gave me.

The first time i saw this film, i feel mysefl so much. I realize the beauty of nature and life, the way as this aboriginal man talk about Genesis is fantastic, what a nice and difficult hob performed by Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou and their team. Excellent¡¡¡¡

I watched this tonight and have to say it was the best nature documentary I have seen and the narration was as clear and concise as anything I ever heard. I will watch it again, several times probably. Thanks.

Wonderful! We are all dancers in the the dance of life. To realize that we will return this human shell back to that from which it was borrowed is so liberating. To understand that we are here to enable the song of the universe to unfold how humbling. We are all part of the one. This may not be what was intended with the film but it is what I received.

I enjoyed the movie tremendouly. The unassuming manner of the philosopher, scientist, narrator, made the explanations of the origins of the universe sound as poetry. Beautiful poetry!
Love, how beautiful! One, two, three!
Thank you for your wonderful efforts. Sincerely and with great admiration,
Antonieta S. Kelly, Ph.D. (mathematician)

I would like to have just the few phrases by this wise man in the film. Are those available by someone?

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