The Great Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

This is an image from the film Koyaanisqatsi

Where or what is this image?

The Great Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon, Utah Joanne & MikeBasking Ridge, NJ29
Death among the people. AmandaFlorida, USA12
the birth of civilisation pyotazurich9
Death among the people Adi amir zainunindonesia8
Ancient cave art DarrenCornwall, England7
At the time of its creation, the painting was one of the most significant things the human race had done. The very next shot in the movie is that of a Saturn V Rocket taking off, showing modern man's greatest achievement. The space of time between the last frame of this scene and the first of the next scene seems to sum up all of the history humanity from then to now, from the primitive socially "immature" to the super-science of rocketry. It happens so fast it seems to suggest that man kind and his advances are all futile. After all, we keep doing the samething-and endless cycle of birth and death. You get that feeling again later on when you see the waterfall of people endlessly flowing down the escalator, how little the value of the individual is when compared to the mass in current time and throughout the millenia. Maybe I read into it to much, but it really spoke to me and the scale of the music only fed it. StevenMaryland4
Large central figure is referred to as "The Holy Ghost" and is most assuredly located in "The Great Gallery" within Horseshoe Canyon - Detached Unit of Canyonlands N.P. closest to the Maze District Of the same National Park. Approximately a 50 Mile drive along a dirt road from Utah Hwy.24. Capt.PickyMoab, Utah1

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