Salt evaporator ponds, San Francisco Bay

This is an image from the film Koyaanisqatsi

Where or what is this image?

Salt evaporator ponds, San Francisco Bay Brian SchmidtModesto, California2
Sorry, but it's just detail of the last scene of evaporating pools, turned around
Notice the previous scene top half -- especially the (backwards) L pool that has two obvious big concrete blocks on the edge, plus a less obvious block on the tip of the L. That's right across from a triangular pool that's very dark, and the hypotenuse separates the triangular pool from a much greener pool. This scene focuses on the description I just gave, with the triangular pool taking front stage. The concrete blocks of the adjacent L pool are here, as is the very green hypotenuse pool.
wizardbjAtlanta, Georgia, USA

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