A tunnel of Binary Code. Maybe representing the internet as tunnels of information?

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A tunnel of Binary Code. Maybe representing the internet as tunnels of information? LiamIsle of Man U.k.9
Technological boundaries
The tunnel can represent the boundaries imposed by a (our) technological society. Quite literally, existing in this society can be seen as forcing the individual to utilize the technology on which it is built. The tempo of the scene, coupled with the lack of other ways to move but forward, suggests to me helplessness, or a feeling of free fall. If memory serves, the tunnel morphs texture to that of a blue sky at the end of the scene. The music proceeds to a conclusion on a much brighter note than that of the hellishly intense, but paradoxically tantalizing, feel earlier in the piece. Both visually and aurally, I get the impression that a transformation is complete, and an individual who might otherwise have had a traumatic inauguration in the technological society is now at ease, and at home. To put the sky on the tunnel interior could suggest that a fundamental part of what was once mankind's natural habitat has now changed.

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