Ron Fricke

Ron Fricke, the creator of Baraka, the cinematographer and editor on Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi .

He then devised, directed, edited and co-produced Chronos in 1985. Chronos showed the beginnings of Fricke's passion that was to become Baraka.

In 1986 Fricke created the IMAX film Sacred Site. A 7 minute film of Halley's Comet over Ayers Rock , Australia.

Baraka was released in 1992, a film that took 14 months to film and a reported 5 years to devise.

In December '98 he left Atlas films to concentrate on making IMAX films, a passion Fricke had long been cultivating.

A description (thought to be written by Ron Fricke himself)

Ron Fricke is a meticulous filmmaker who has mastered a wide range of skills. This versatility allows him to carefully sculpt his films during each phase of their development. He immerses himself completely in every stage of production, wrestling with the broad philosophical concepts that underlie his films, designing sophisticated equipment, framing each shot as if it were a painting, editing and color timing the finished print.

In his early work as director of photography, co-editor and co-writer for "Koyaanisqatsi", a renowned nonverbal art film, Fricke experimented with many previously obscure film techniques. He used time-lapse, slow motion and optical phase printing to present familiar images from a new perspective. "Koyaanisqatsi" won a 1983 Filex Audience Award.

Indulging his passion for 70mm, and determined to make life affirming films, Fricke proceeded to direct and co-produce "Chronos", an innovative, nonverbal, IMAX film that won the Grand prix du jury Award at the first Festival International Omnimax de Paris (1987). For "Chronos" Fricke designed an IMAX compatible camera with the capacity to shoot motion controlled images, a revolutionary concept in the IMAX industry. Fricke gained experience on several other IMAX films including "Sacred Site" (1986) which he directed and photographed.

"Baraka", Fricke's latest creation, is a nonverbal feature film photographed in (65mm) 70mm in over 20 countries. It develops the themes of interconnection and transcendence, which Fricke began to explore in "Chronos", ""Baraka" is a journey of rediscovery that plunges into nature, into history, into the human spirit and finally into the realm of the infinite". In order to capture the exquisite rotating star fields in the film's finale, Fricke designed and built a more flexible and complex version of the (65mm) 70mm time-lapse camera he designed for "Chronos". Fricke directed, photographed, co-edited and co-wrote "Baraka" (1992).

"Samsara" will be a visual quest that explores the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. "I feel that my work has evolved through "Koyaanisqatsi", "Chronos" and "Baraka", says Fricke. "Both technically and philosophically I am ready to delve even deeper into my favorite theme: humanity's relationship to the eternal".


  • Koyaanisqatsi (Cinematographer and editor)
  • Chronos (Director, cinematographer, editor and co-producer)
  • Sacred Site (Director, cinematographer, editor, producer)
  • Baraka (Director, cinematographer, co-editor and co-producer)
  • Samsara 


Ron Fricke is currently working on a sequel to Baraka entitled Samsara.

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Hello Ron,
Bill McGee here, Wayne McGee was my brother.
If you're ever in the Las Vegas me thru my email. Would love to meet you and learn more about my brothers work with you on CHRONOS.
I miss him dearly.

Bill McGee

In sansara movie don't see subtitles ecplaning the scenes where they are like previous movie. Is normal? Or DVD issue? Thanks

Mr Fricke,
I have watched some of your films so many times and they always stun me into awe and wonder.
Your direction of film, the cinematogrophy and music are totally inspirational and pure magic.
Every clip could be cut and made into something you'd hang on your wall and cherish.
How you handle luminosity,time, depth, perspective, insight; and the resonance of the music, has well; wow.



I finally finished the production of my short film "SvaDharma" - a film, very much inspired by the great work of Ron Fricke:

Dear Ron.

I am emailing to ask permission for the use of your incredible image of the man with tattoos cradling a baby from your film Samsara for an exhibition at the Exploratorium Museum, a non-profit museum of science, art and human perception located in San francisco.

The image would be printed 25"x25" square to be incorporated into an exhibit on stereotypes which is part of our current NSF funded exhibition on the Science of Sharing. We were particularly drawn to the photograph of the tattooed man cradling the baby because we are looking to represent people who do not fit stereotypes and in fact are counter stereotypical. This image is extremely powerful and represents a kind of counter stereotype in that we don't expect a muscular man with tattoos to demonstrate such tenderness.

We would like to obtain permission to use your image within the exhibit, to enhance visitor interaction with this exhibition. We expect the image to be up for 5 years. Is this use permissible by you? If so, we would need to know how much you would charge for usage. We are a non-profit museum so unfortunately our budget is limited however this image would be seen by thousands of people over the course of the exhibition and would have a proper credit line and the name of your film. And finally, we would need this image in this highest resolution possible and a little more specific information about the man and child.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call me at 510-552-0463.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Amy Snyder
Senior Photographer
Exploratorium Museum
San Francisco, CA 94111


I'd recommend you'd contact the Samsara team:

All the best


We'd like to use a short clip (10 seconds) from Baraka in a documentary film. Who do I contact? Thanks, Sylvia (The Netherlands)

Try the official website:

I find him to be balanced with his emotions and charming. If not taken look me up in Los angeles. Would love to meet and get to know you. Peace.

This is one of those films that will change your life. I really admire your work and I feel that you are a pillar of humanity. Some of the most underrated work I have seen in my entire life. Please continue making films like this.

I have long envisioned making my own non-verbal film (more than one actually), but, I am having quite the issue trying to figure out how to get it written out, and am curious if Ron wrote out exactly how he wanted to film the scenes in Baraka, etc. I'm wondering if there's a way to contact him or get a message to him via someone else (publicist, etc) to ask him this question. Thank you!!!

I would like to send Ron Fricke a copy of a novel, published four years ago, which bears an uncanny resemblance, both visually and in it's underlying message, to his film Baraka, which I have just seen for the first time. I think it would interest him. Is this possible?

Trying to find Mr. Fricke's representation/contact information. Any information could be of great help.

Try via the official Baraka site:

Ever since I saw Ron Fricke's films I have been transformed and inspired. I know this is the kind of work I see myself doing.

Are there opportunities to work with Ron Fricke through an internship or other way? I know this is wishful thinking but I hope someday to produce great works like the masterpieces he has created.

Hello dear friends!
Can I find out how to show us the film Baraka in the educational night of the planet?
Thank you!

Dear Ron
How can I buy the right to use some of the movie clips from Baraka. I am also interested in buying other nature movie clips. This if for a moodfilm for a premium jewellery brand.
Kind regards


Can you let me know how to get in contact with Mr. Fricke about a screener of Samsara? I'm to review the movie for a major website and unable to make it to any screenings. Thank you!

Please give some info about releasing Samasara on DVD / BlueRay.
Im waitng for this film 7 year now...

Some time in 2012. Stay tuned

When we can see the Samsara?

Worldwide screenings are happening in 2012

I'm trying to find out how much it would cost to use some still images or short clips (3-5 seconds) for a multimedia project, what limitations there would be in use and distribution, etc.

thanks very much.

Hi Mike

Are you wishing to use stills from Baraka or another film?



I am writing a book on alternative stop motion techniques including time-lapse for Focal Press and I am trying to get a hold of Ron Fricke since he is a master and cornerstone in this area. I would like to refer to Ron and Koyaanisqatsi in the book and I wondered if you could put me in touch with Ron or the copyright holders of Koyaanisqatsi. I would really appreciate it.


Tom Gasek
Assisrant Professor, RIT/SoFA
[email protected]

Hi Tom

Unfortunately I don't have any contact details for Ron Fricke.
The IRE are the copyright holders for Koyaanisqatsi.
From the website I found the following email address

[email protected]

I hope they can help.



We'd like to use some clips from Baraka in an educational video. Who do I contact? Thanks, Carol

Hi Carol

I have relayed your message to the copyright holders.


Hello I am creating illustrated stop motion videos and would like to use some images from baraka and samsara could you get me in contact with those who deal with the copyright of these films Thankyou
You can contact them using this form:

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