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Last updated by Darren on 25 April 2012

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I saw Samsara lastr night with my best friend, Simply loved it.
It moved us very deeply, made us think a lot.

It was a good way to visit the world without going, and sensibilise us to other cultures and what goes on in other countries. Makes you want to travel and visit all those wonderful places seen in this movie.
Each place deserves to be seen, but will mostly live in our memory and in our hearts for many reasons.
I decided not to eat meat anymore, my friend had the same thougt Out of respect, I cried seeing those pictures in the abbatories......I love chichen and pork, but from now on, Alive.

To those who have not seen it...please do, it will change your vision of life and your life forever.

Diane from Anjou

I saw it today in Santa Fe and its influence and grip are staggering !
JDR Santa Fe,NM

Im a huge fan of Chronos and Baraka, cant wait to see his on my big screen, just ordered the blue ray on

Thx for creating things that matter

Jan Arie Koelewijn from Holland

I loved it,it was clean my soul today,I have not seen same before,I loved it...I want to see the film more than 4 times,it is same as meditation,I'm nurse and I have a lot of experiences and it was the best medicine for all the people around the world!
I must see this film more and more!

First of all, loved Baraka. I've got it on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray. Can't wait to see this in theaters AND to buy on BLu-ray to play at home.

This film better come out in theaters with screens slightly better than the 8'x10' sheet covers used in most college auditoriums outfitted with car speakers and camping chairs for seats.

Will we see this film in high-quality cinemas with huge screens and awesome sound systems? IMAX would be a dream come true. Even better: A double-screening of Baraka and Samsara.

Hahaha. It said coming soon!

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