The War Of The Worlds

Last updated by Darren on 02 June 2011

Rafael Asquith has created a short timelapse film called "The War Of The Worlds".

The War of the Worlds (HDR timelapse with 7D & 450D) from Rafael Asquith on Vimeo.

From Rafael:

"I started with Timelapse technique almost one an a half year ago when I bought my first reflex camera, a Canon 1000D after getting info about timelapse in the Spanish forum which is managed by my friend Luis Caldevilla.
After many tests I decided to change the camera and I bought a Canon 7D and a Canon 450D, both great cameras. This video has been done with those cameras mounting a Tamron 10-24mm and a Tokina 11-16mm lenses using ND filters in Austria, Italy, Hungary and Czech Republic.
I'm in love with HDR but I know this is not really HDR, this is more tone mapped video using Photomatix software, first shots I did were jpeg actually I've changed my workflow and I use to shoot in RAW but this is not real HDR, I know but I think that the results are not so bad :)
I tried with a videotutorial that I invite you to watch here
About the history, well I use to look for music on Jamendo and I found a great Spanish composer, Jaime Heras who fix beautiful sounds with the Orson Welles radio episode "The war of the Worlds", after the first test I was very happy with the result so I decide to tell a History and not only timelapse with a music.
Thanks Darren for giving me this great opportunity, Baraka is an inspiration for most of the people who like timelapse and our beautiful planet and I never thought that one of my videos would be posted on the Spirit of Baraka website and thanks to all those who have dedicated their time to watch my videos.
If you like my video and want to know more about me, please fell free to visit my vimeo webpage"


Filmmaker name: 
Rafael Asquith

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