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Films created by individuals or groups, without the help or financial backing of a film studio or publisher. The film makers here might be making the films of the future.

If you are an independent film maker, contact me about your film and I will add it for you.

A Visual Journey - Angkor Wat, Cambodia - a film by Anthony Ranville

Last updated by Darren on 31 January 2017

A Visual Journey - Angkor Wat, Cambodia, is a non-verbal film, created by Anthony Ranville.
"Explore the Khmer grounds of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Witness first hand, the smiling stone faces built by an ancient and mighty civilization. See overgrown trees topple over crumbling walls. Observe monkeys that call Angkor Wat home. These famous ruins echo the work and craftsmanship from a spiritual civilization, told only now in the structures they built. "


MontMartre - a film by Gilles DE CAEVEL

Last updated by Darren on 29 January 2016

 Montmartre, created by Gilles DE CAEVEL, is a time-lapse film of Montmartre, Paris.

"This timelapse video had been shot during November 2015 et edited on December. Living in Suresnes, I chose one of the most prestigious district of Paris for this new video, 5 years after « une nuit parisienne and 2 years after « Empty Defense ». You can see some pics shooted on HDR or also in a normal view but all in 4K 2 :35 :1 for a cinematic tribute."


Matisco - a film by Sébastien Barrier

Last updated by Darren on 05 February 2015

MATISCO, directed by Sébastien Barrier, is a movie about Mâcon and Mâconnais in the South of Burgundy in France.

"Filmed mainly in chronophotography (timelapse, assembly of thousands of photos taken at regular intervals), this process allows to manipulate the time: the course of the sun and the shadows on the photographed subjects, the movement of clouds above the landscapes as well as the accelerated movements of the people in the city."

You can buy Matsico from Sébastien directly.

Check out the Behind The Scenes clips as well.

Artefact - A film by Kyle Hopkins

Last updated by Darren on 24 April 2014

Artefact is a new film by Kyle Hopkins, who previously made 360.

"Artefact is an atmospheric videoscape. A combination of location video and audio recordings made all around the world with an original soundtrack. It tells no specific story. It has no specific meaning. It is an attempt to arrange and combine digital recordings of reality and digitally generated sound into an aesthetically pleasing whole."

Visit the Artefact website:

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HEILD - Theatrical Trailer

Last updated by Darren on 07 February 2014

HEILD is a non-verbal film by Petur K. Gudmundsson featuring Iceland.

"At last, Iceland´s first full-feature, non-narrative film. It has taken over three hard years to make. 2.5 years out shooting in Iceland, and 1.5 years of editing and post-production. This is by far the biggest project TPS has ever produced. The film has a whopping length of 70 minutes and was set out to present Iceland in a way it has never been presented before, using many elements of higher-end cinematography. I set out to finish the project in 2013 and at 45-50 minutes, but the project grew larger and after an insane amount of work, it became a full-feature.

There are places here everyone knows, but there are also thousands of well hidden places. To find these locations one has to be adventurous or a local, and to capture them right, one has to be creative and extremely patient.

The film is a TrailerPark Studios production and will release in february 2014, first in selected cinemas in Iceland, then globally in different film-festivals."


HEILD - Theatrical Trailer from Petur K. Gudmundsson on Vimeo.

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First trailer for Speechless: The Polar Realm, by Richard Sidey

Last updated by Darren on 30 November 2013

Breathtaking trailer for Richard Sidey's new film Speechless: The Polar Realm

Speechless : The Polar Realm (film trailer) from Richard Sidey on Vimeo.

Sedae - a non-verbal documentary by Daniel Smukalla

Last updated by Darren on 02 October 2013

Sedae is a non-verbal documentary by Daniel Smukalla.

From Daniel:

"I am a cinematographer / director living in South Korea. For the last few years, I have been working on a documentary about the various generations here in Korea and how the country's rapid growth and change resulted in many differences between the old and young, as well as urban and rural.

I am highly inspired by non-verbal documentaries, especially Baraka. While my film will have occasional voice overs from Koreans of different ages and backgrounds, it relies on the images to tell the stories of Koreans of different ages and backgrounds.

Here are some links with information from the film "Sedae":

Teaser Trailer:

Official Website:


"Sedae 세대" (2014) Teaser Trailer from Daniel Smukalla on Vimeo.

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Ancient Skies & Remnants by Grant Wakefield

Last updated by Darren on 11 September 2013

Grant Wakefield has completed his films Ancient Skies & Remnants:

"I'm delighted to announce that after over five years of work my high resolution films ANCIENT SKIES & REMNANTS are complete and the official website is now open at:

ANCIENT SKIES is a 25 + 46 min. 'FullDome' immersive 4k resolution planetarium documentary that explores the connection between the Neolithic and the night sky. It features interviews with Dr. Edwin Krupp, Euan Mackie, Prof. George Eogan, Anthony Murphy, Martin Brennan and Prof. Clive Ruggles, with music by Steve Roach, Banco De Gaia and Zhenia Mahdi Nau.


REMNANTS is a 2k resolution, widescreen non-verbal timelapse film that charts the rise and fall of the Neolithic civilisation, featuring a 5.1 surround score by Tangerine Dream member Thorsten Quaeschning.


During production I traveled the length and breadth of the British Isles and Ireland, and was able to capture some unique events, including the first (so far as I know) timelapse sequences of Equinox sunrise at Cairn T and Equinox sunset at the western passageway of Knowth. I was also blessed with beautiful full moons and night skies at Callanish, The Ring of Brodgar, Pentre Ifan, West Kennett and Stonehenge.

ANCIENT SKIES (25 min. version) will go into FullDome theatre distribution shortly. REMNANTS had its world premiere earlier this year at the 'Widescreen Weekend' event in Bradford's superb Pictureville Theatre, and is currently being entered into various film festivals. A screening in my home town of Devizes, in association with the Wiltshire Heritage Museum, will hopefully take place in Oct / Nov, and in a similar time frame at Brighton's Duke of York's cinema.

Please visit the website for confirmed dates and times.

REMNANTS reviews:

"... a wonderful short directed by Grant Wakefield. Filmed using motion controlled time-lapse photography, REMNANTS captures on film the thousands of complex stone monuments constructed by the Neolithic peoples of Northern Europe from 3800 to 1000 BC. Stunning 2k resolution and extraordinary music provided by Tangerine Dream member Thorsten Quaeschning."

- Bruce Campbell, CINEMA RETRO, Bradford Film Festival - 'Widescreen Weekend' 2013


"Through beautiful and hard-earned imagery Wakefield has created a moving inner journey that lets us to feel our connection to our ancient roots and the timeless turning of the earth. I loved it."

- Mark Magidson, producer BARAKA & SAMSARA


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March - a Time Lapse Documentary by Liang Hu

Last updated by Darren on 08 April 2013

March is a time lapse documentary by Liang Hu

It features the English city of Brighton, where I currently live.

Remnants by Grant Wakefield

Last updated by Darren on 13 March 2013

Remnants by Grant Wakefield receives it's World Premiere at the 19th Bradford International Film Festival (UK) on 27th April 2013.

Remnants will be shown at the Pictureville theater at the National Media Museum, which is a fantastic venue, so attend if you can.

You can checkout the two trailers below.


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Desolation - a timelapse film by Rafael Asquith Moreno.

Last updated by Darren on 27 November 2012

Desolation is a timelapse film by Rafael Asquith Moreno.

The imagery is striking and very high quality.

Desolation from LovetheFrame on Vimeo.

RASA YATRA - a film by Param Tomanec

Posted by Darren on 08 October 2012


Update: The European Premiere of Rasa Yatra will be held in Prague.  It will open the 10th Indian Film Festival on 15th October, 6:30PM in Kino Svetozor.

RASA YATRA is a film by Param Tomanec, (50mins) photographed in India inspired by Baraka and Qatsi series.

"RASA YATRA evokes the beauty of pilgrimage and explores the essence of devotion in Hindu culture through non-linear narrative. Rasa is Sanskrit for 'juice' or 'taste', and it can also mean 'dance'. Yatra means 'journey', suggesting a joyful inner expedition, beyond the confines of routine and conceptual conventions. Photographed over a period of four years, RASA YATRA takes the viewer on a meditative journey from the majestic Himalayan mountains into Vrindavana, the spiritual heart of India. For the receptive viewer, RASA YATRA becomes a pilgrimage rather than a mere depiction of one."Read more >>>

"Living in a flower" By Vincent Galiano

Posted by Darren on 18 September 2012

Living in a Flower is a non-verbal film By Vincent Galiano.  Originally shot as a black and white short film for a contest, the film is presented here in colour.

The film centers around the Indonesian island of Flores.  

A nice little film, with reminders for those who have visited Indonesia.

Living in a flower - Sigur Ros video contest from Vincent Galiano on Vimeo.

Americana - by Sean Fleck

Last updated by Darren on 23 August 2012

Americana is a non verbal film by Sean Fleck.  It features lovely timelapse scenes from the USA.

"Americana", is a collaborative effort of multiple filmmakers to present a unique look at America's most breathtaking visual wonders. "Americana" also serves as the kick-off for Mount Airy Films' ambitious "The Five Year Film Project".

Americana - A time lapse journey showcasing the natural and man made wonders of the United States from Mount Airy Films on Vimeo.

Terra Sacra Time Lapses - a film by Sean F. White

Last updated by Darren on 08 June 2012

Terra Sacra Time Lapses is a brilliant short timelapse film from Sean F. White.  Sean has spent many years making this beautiful film.  The timelapse sequences are incredible, as is the quality of the cinematography.


An around-the-world time lapse journey celebrating our Sacred Earth. Six years in the making... seven continents... 24 countries.

Photographed & Edited by Sean F. White

Original score by Roy Milner

Full details and locations shot-by-shot:

Note: Be sure to set the quality to HD!

A dos pasos del infierno (Two steps from hell) by Luis Caldevilla

Last updated by Darren on 28 May 2012

Two steps from hell is a short film using very high qulity timelapse shots, from the island of Tenerife.
"This video comes in the wake of the invitation to Luciano Rodriguez and Luis Caldevilla, by Miquel Serra-Ricart, manager of the Observatorio del Teide in the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute, to teach a course on photography timelapse.
Building on the trip decided to spend several days out every night to photograph the unique landscape of the island of Tenerife."

The Dragons of Metal - Tammabukku Anbar by Nitzan Sagie

Posted by Darren on 28 May 2012

The Dragons of Metal - Tammabukku Anbar is a timelapse, nonverbal film by Nitzan Sagie.  It is heavy influenced by Koyaanisqatsi.

From Nitzan:

"I'm a composer and a film director.

I must say that when I was 10 years old, my father showed me Koyaanisqatsi, and that film really changed my life and my art; both in my music and in films. since then, I watched every film I could find that Ron Fricke & Godfrey Reggio made.

Last year I became a student in the university, studying film and cinematography, and the first film I wanted to make is an homage to all those amazing films, but with my concept and my music.

I filmed it all alone and composed the music, so the vision of the film was very clear to me from the start."

Une nuit Parisienne (Paris by night) by Gilles De Caevel

Last updated by Darren on 10 May 2012

Une nuit Parisienne (Paris by night) is a time-lapse non-verbal film by Gilles De Caevel.

It's beautifully shot and shows Paris from an interesting and exciting perspective.

From Giles

"It's a thing I have done by myself: une nuit parisienne

If Baraka or Koyyan didn't exist probably this video should have take the same path.

This video had been shot between February and July 2010 in Paris and few towns around with a 50D canon. 

The music is signed by Jonsi and the title of this is "Go do"

Thanks a lot to my editor Mr Griboval and many friends of mine who care and support this project; Dawa, Camille, Sonia, Nath et Anas."


The Range of Light

Last updated by Darren on 25 January 2012

The Range of Light is a film by Lawrence Martinez

"I just wanted to share with you this film I just completed titled "The Range of Light"- I have been filming it for a little over a year.

Ron Fricke and other films that use cinema as a meditation truly inspire me.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my work!"

The Range of Light from ∞∞∞ on Vimeo.

Mugham - a film by Aleksandre Gabunia

Last updated by Darren on 28 December 2011

“Mugham” is the soul of Azerbaijani people, Azerbaijani folk music, their everyday life and traditions.
The movie is set in Baku, the characters are ordinary people, praying, working….
It was filmed in 5 days.
“Mugham” won Best Short Foreign Film at the Moondance Film Festival in the U.S.
The movie was also an official selection at the London Film Festival

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Samsara Blu-Ray & DVD

Samsara Blu-ray and DVD
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