The people involved in the making of the films listed on this website.

Ron Fricke

Ron Fricke, the creator of Baraka, the cinematographer and editor on Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi .

He then devised, directed, edited and co-produced Chronos in 1985. Chronos showed the beginnings of Fricke's passion that was to become Baraka.

In 1986 Fricke created the IMAX film Sacred Site. A 7 minute film of Halley's Comet over Ayers Rock , Australia.

Baraka was released in 1992, a film that took 14 months to film and a reported 5 years to devise.

In December '98 he left Atlas films to concentrate on making IMAX films, a passion Fricke had long been cultivating.Read more >>>

Mark Magidson

Mark Magidson is the producer, co-editor, co-writer on Samsara, Baraka and Chronos.

In the broad landscape of independent film production Mark has emerged as a unique filmmaker who has undertaken artistic projects that are epic in scale, entail great technical complexity and innovation, and transcend an ordinary view of the world.

An inventor and industrial designer with a diverse technical background, and equally comfortable in both creative and producing roles, Mark is a hands on filmmaker who is deeply involved in all aspects of his projects, including concept development, production management, editing, and scoring.  In the course of the last 20+ years he has taken crews to over 50 countries in search of profound and one of a kind imagery.Read more >>>

Godfrey Reggio

Godfrey Reggio

Godfrey Reggio, The inventor of the visual-art film style which Spirit of Baraka celebrates.
Reggio is prominent in the film world for his QATSI trilogy, essays of visual images and sound which chronicle the destructive impact of the modern world on the environment.

Born in New Orleans in 1940 and raised in southwest Louisiana, Reggio entered the Christian Brothers, a Roman Catholic pontifical order, at age 14.
He spent 14 years of his adolescence and early adulthood in fasting, silence, and prayer while studying to be a monk.

With the Qatsi Trilogy, Godfrey Reggio invented his own film style - which puts the emphasis on bringing audiences images of extraordinary emotional impact and thought-provoking relevance. Part essay, part image-and-music extravaganza, the three films chronicle the rapid evolution and astonishing impact of the modern world over the last few decades.Read more >>>

Michael Stearns

Michael Stearns

Michael Stearns, provided the music score to Ron Fricke's films Chronos and Baraka.
He will probably contribute to Samsara, Ron Fricke's sequel to Baraka.




Philip Glass

Philip Glass

Philip Glass, composed, conducted and played music to Godfrey Reggio's films.
His broad use of sounds, moods and instruments bought him to the attention of the film world.




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