Documentaries are popular with fans of this site. Cinemaphotography styles, and often themes, cross over between the non-verbal films and documentaries. Here are some recommended documentaries

HOME - a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand


HOME is a documentary made by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  Whilst it has narration it's environmental theme and high quality footage makes it similar to other films featured on this website.

The film centers on the effects humans have had on the planet over the last 200,000 years.  Unique footage from over 50 countries highlights the changes that have happend and the cost to people today.

It's a striking film that I'd recommend watching.

It's a non-profit film and you can watch it for free.  It's available on YouTube

Useful links

The Life of Mammals

The Life of Mammals is a BBC documentary series about the most diverse groups of animals ever to live on planet earth, mammals.  As with all BBC documentaries the quality of the series is excellent.  The locations, research, cinematography and David Attenborough’s narration are first rate.Read more >>>

The Blue Planet - BBC

The Blue Planet is a documentary series about the sea and the things that live in the ocean.The Blue Planet is a joint production between the Discovery Channel and BBC Natural History. The Blue Planet contains amazing footage of often never before seen animals.

The Blue Planet was originally a television program shown on BBC television. The Blue Planet was subtitled "a natural history of the oceans”. David Attenborough narrates the Blue Planet series, which was first shown in September 2001 on the BBC1 channel in the UK. The Blue Planet attracted an audience of over 12 million people. The project cost over £7 million. Since then the Blue Planet has been sold to more than 50 countries.


The Blue Planet contains of 8 episodes:Read more >>>

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins is a documentary film showing the yearly migration of the Emperor Penguin. March of the Penguins, (aka La Marche de l'empereur), was created by Luc Jacquet.  March of the Penguins is a National Geographic film.

March of the Penguins is an astonishing film. Filmed under incredibly harsh conditions by French director Luc Jacquet and his team. Cinematographers included Laurent Chalet and Jerome Maison. Marc of the Penguins was filmed on driest, coldest and darkest continent on Earth, surrounded by ice, snow and penguins. It took one year to shoot the film, around the French scientific base Dumont d'Urville in Adélie Land. Read more >>>

Lucky People Center International

Lucky People Center International DVD cover

For two years visual artist Erik Pauser and "video percussionist" Johan Soderberg traversed the globe, filming the quilt-work of meditations, ecstatic rituals, religious rites, and drumming sessions that make up the visual components of this latter-day Koyaanisqatsi.

Read more >>>

1 Giant Leap

1 Giant Leap is DVD project of world music, world travel and provoking thoughts.  More of an alternative documentary that a movie or film.  1 Giant Leap contains 11 short films containing lots of stimulating images, sounds, words, rhythms and music.  Most will find 1 Giant Leap a source of many threads for thought and contemplation.

Locations and subject

Over 25 locations from 20 countries are represented in 1 Giant Leap.  Many musicians, story-tellers, filmmakers, authors, artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs contribute their ‘thing’ from their culture.  A massive range of human diversity is represented by those contributing.  Many well known people feature, including Dennis Hopper, Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, Ram Dass, Anita Roddick, Brian Eno, Robbie Williams, Michael Stipe,, Arrested Development, Neneh Cherry, Baaba Maal, Stewart Copeland and others.Read more >>>

Samsara Blu-Ray & DVD

Samsara Blu-ray and DVD
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