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Have you got a film to recommend to this website?

I am always looking for non-verbal films that share the spirit of Baraka.  You you have any any films to recommend please do so in this forum.


Hello, I thought I would contribute a film that I believe fits very well with the collection you have on the website. Its available on Amazon.

Recommending Kashf: The Lifting of the Veil

Would like an email for you to send you the press release for our film - our film editor is one of the editors of Baraka!! Kashf is out with the spiritual cinema circle in June for their international market.

We can be reached at [email protected]

Many Thanks
Ayesha Khan

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What a marvellous website. I

What a marvellous website. I thought I was the only one who liked these kinds of films. How nice it is not to be alone.

Some recommendations then: Bar the works of Godfrey Reggio, Ron Fricke and Dziga Vertov one of the best non-verbal films I've even seen is called 'Bodysong' by Simon Pummell. It's available on amazon and charts the life cycle of man from birth to death. It's a feature and opens with lots of images of ladies giving birth. But don't let that put you off if you're squeamish, it's an incredibly beautiful study of mankind.

A chap called Geoffrey Jones got me very excited when I watched his short films a couple of years ago. He mainly made adverts (but arty ones, you know) and the BFI issued a collection of his work called 'The Rhythm of Film'. His work 'Snow' is available on youtube and is a truly thrilling piece about trains (no really).

Coincidentally there's another film called 'Snow' by a dance director called David Hinton which is again is non-verbal and focusses on the way people move when they're cold. Another of his is called 'Birds' which is another short, made of up choreographed mating dances (also on youtube I believe).

In my opinion Dziga Vertov is by far the master with his absolute classic 'Man with a Movie Camera' which I know has already been mentioned. That film sent me hopping round my room with excitement that someone could realise and execute just what celluloid is all about: images and movement.

Anyone who likes Godfrey Reggio should also see 'Evidence' which is a disturbing but extremely good look of the effects of television on children.

Norman McClaren has also been mentioned, but can I recommend 'Dots' (on youtube) which is a fun very short film about, um, dots. Also if you like that you might like Len Lye's 'Color Box'.

On a slightly different bent, has anyone considered movies from the silent era? They are, by their nature, non-verbal.

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Pavol Barabas - one of the best documentarist out there...

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Trailer for "São Domingos Mine", an independent documentary film


My name is João Abecasis Fernandes. I'm from Lisbon, Portugal. I've been following Spirit of Baraka for quite a while. I recently finished a project of my own, about an abandoned copper mine in Alentejo, Portugal, which belonged to a british company for over a century. It's not virtually a non-verbal film, although it was made based on the aesthetic of non-verbal works, using many of the techniques such as timelapsing. The film itself has two parts - the first one is made of old mine workers testemonials and confessions ; the second one is based on a poem, written in portuguese, and featuring artistic audiovisual portraits of the abandoned and collapsed buildings, acid water lagoons, and surrealistic natural landscapes. I think it would be interesting to post it on Spirit of Here's the link to the trailer in Vimeo: Please give me an answer.

Best regards! Keep on the excellent work!

João Abecasis Fernandes
[email protected]

Unknown documentary

I would like to recover details of an awesome documentary that I could only watch in part, on TV. It was shot in B&W, it was non verbal, and it showed marvelously and horrifically the loneliness of human beings in a large-scale mechanization world. I remember images of a miner eating his sandwich on top of a huge machine inside an enormous tunnel. Images of immense fields of aligned rows of crops. A woman at work in a slaughterhouse, and the workers at lunch in silence. (It seemed shot in some central, eastern or northern european country, or in the USA.)


Director Thomas Balmès documents the first year in the lives of four infants from different parts of the world.

Based on an original idea by Alain Chabat, Babies simultaneously follows four babies around the world - from birth to first steps.

also I recommend "Le premier cri" by Gilles de Maistre


Cam across this short, but very cool piece of Tokyo. Hope you like it as much as I did.

And here's the Tokyo link!
Anthony Ranville
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Living Dust

Wasn't sure where to place this video I'm making.
Living Dust is the title.
I am also writing the music and editing.

Feedback from anyone, greatly appreciated!

- Sincerely,
Anthony Ranville

Epic Java

You may remember that the thing that has always stood out in "Baraka" was the Balinese Kecak dance/ritual.

The Indonesian short film, "Epic Java" is a 'unique experience' for those who do not know Java, and creates awareness of the natural and cultural wealth of the region in Indonesia.

In the world of Indonesian films, "Epic Java" provides a freshness by introducing a genre that is still relatively rare, non-narrative films.

Twitter @EPICJAVAFilm
Crowdfunding Site (Indonesian)


Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara. Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Online Profile: ,

Arie Naftali Hawuhede. Producer
Online Profile: ,

Galih Mulya Nugraha. Screenwriter
Online Profile: ,

Denny Novandi Ryan. Music Composer, Sound Designer
Online Profile: ,

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Thanks for all of those great recommendations! I will have to check those out.

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