Monkey chant in Avatar (2009) by James Cameron

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The moment I saw the part in Avatar (James Cameron-2009) where it transfers spirit from one body to another (it comes in the climax) .. i see a connection between the ritual in Avatar and Monkey chant shown in Baraka.

Am i the only one believing this ?


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That's interesting. I didn't

That's interesting.
I didn't make that connection.
I think the money chant is about story telling, and not necessarily about transferring a spirit from one body to another.

I agree! baraka in pandora!

Yes! I think exactly the same!
i saw immediatly this connection! and I've commented with a friend in the cinema and he thought the same :-)
I'm sure more people will find it

thanks vivek,
from barcelona

Baraka in Pandora...

...totally right! And the thing is, I saw Baraka right after I've seen Avatar. Just a coincidence, but I recognized the scene the minute I saw it.

It is so similar they must have been inspired by it. The original script of Avatar is from the early nineties, and so is Baraka... Or maybe it's just one of those ideas that u "pick" on air?

You are not the only one. I

You are not the only one. I am so late on watching Baracka but I just looked at it and I soon as I saw the men doing it I instantly thought of Avatar. Yet another testament why Avatar is a film to be looked at more deeply.

I meant to write, Baraka.

I meant to write, Baraka. What an amazing film!

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Avatar contains many fantasy

Avatar contains many fantasy "yet" somehow familer examples from real global tribal peoples this done with some very deep research and a lot of respect "reflecting" on there lore storys and cermony (presented through a fantasy shell that mirrors "real world" native peoples mythology often quite closly) that "many" relate to and understand inside from our heart viewpoint)these examples where taken from cultures all around our world and are presented with a fantasy "Yet" familer twist running under the films "Mirror story" take a look at the Na'Vi(Means The People) Clan name "Omaticaya" which means "Blue flute Clan" in the constructed Na'Vi language "But" the name is very likely a Cultural refrence Cameron pointed too out of respect "Olmec-Maya" there are many sublime yet Very familer "Connections" that "reflect" back on real cultural spiritual examples (Monkey Chant,Jaguar lore,World Tree, Sacred tree of the Ancestors, and posably a refrence to what the Kogi people call "Aluna" With "Eywa" The mind inside nature presented in a visual manor in a way many can grasp inside as well, Baraka and Koyannisqatsi let us reflect back on our deep humanity and our place in the world Avatar reflects on our inner "bond" to our human accountabilty and moral values and of course the web of life that ties the natural world together all things and forces that science is only just starting to "see"

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