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Timescape, Alexander Pappas homage to Ron Fricke, released in 2000, 5 minutes.
Timescape is a day in the life of a city. Set in a surreal atmosphere of constant chaos and continuous evolution.
It is the story of humans, and the empire that they have built.

From the Director

"The creation of Timescape was really a two part affair. Firstly, the matter of motion and time in context to daily life was the primary concept for this film.
Secondly was the span I wanted to show this in. From sunrise to sunset.
A span of approximately 12 hours, one working day, was the backdrop of the film because it gives the film purpose. All this chaos and movement .
And then it's all over. The day is gone, the sun has set and all is back to quiet.

Everyone has seen traffic pass by or clouds in the sky. But if you give them a different perspective on the matter, a way to look at it in a new light, then suddenly the magic of motion pictures becomes evident. At least for me anyways.

A major influence for this film was Filmmaker Ron Fricke. His works have astounded audiences and really pushed the boundaries of cinematography.
It is in fact for that reason, that I decided to make this film in his shadow.
As an homage to his work.

In the end, it boils down to "is it an entertaining" or "visually stimulating film" ?
And for the answer, I'll let audiences decide for themselves. "


  • Directed and Produced by Alexander Pappas.
  • Director of Photography, Edited and Music by Mike Carrs


  • Winner - Best Experimental Short Film, Digital Catapult Online Film Festival, Beverly Hills, CA, USA, October 2000
  • Winner - Voted Best Experimental Short Film, Ifilm.com, Beverly Hills, CA, USA, April 2001
  • Nominated - Best Experimental Short Film, Zoiefest International Online Film Festival, march 2001
  • Nominated - Best short Film of the Month, Slamdance; Anarchy Online, October 2001
  • Official Selection - Best Short Film, BlackSilver Film Festival, August 2000
  • Official Selection - Nominations to be Announced, International Festival of Cinema And Technology, October 2002


Filmmaker name: 
Alexander Pappas

I am not sure where to start, but here I go anyway. I am a videographer, photographer, producer, and artist here in Dallas. I grew up in Deep Ellum.I have had this idea for a film for a long long long time, but I dont know how to realize my dream. For such a long time I have only depended on myself to try and make this a reality. I really don't know anyone to network with. This entire Email is probably a shot in the wind, but I just don't know who to turn to. I want to make a film along the lines of naqoyqatsi, powaqqatsi, and koyannisqatsi, but with an actual connection to everyday people. I have always been scared about just throwing my idea out there, because I know it is Great and I wanted to make the film myself. Now I just need to get it out there for the benefit to mankind that I know it will provide. I am so passionate about this I beg of you to at least point me in the right direction, because I see an oportunity to make an epic film that would touch people in a way that I know no film has before. I would love to hear back from anyone reading this that can help, and I know if I can get this concept or idea across to Richard Linklater than my dreams can become reality.PLEASE CONTACT ME AT ANY TIME 214 815 0190 [email protected] www.myspace.com/joebiggsproductions THANK YOU

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