Swayambunath Hill, Katmandu, Nepal

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Swayambunath Hill, Katmandu, Nepal AlfredoI40
Swayambunath Temple also known as Monkey Temple RakuIndia38
Swayambhunath This is one of the world's most glorious Buddhist Chaityas. It is said to be 2000 years old. Painted on the four-sides of the spire bases are the all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. It is three kilometres west of Kathmandu city and is situated on a hillock about 77m. above the level of the Kathmandu Valley. ShelleyVictoria, BC Canada37
Nepal Mr. ChrisCalifornia, USA37
Bodnath Stup Alan HoareSandhurst28
Swayambunath, Kathmandu, Nepal Dan MurphyBoston, MA26
"Swaym" meaning self "bhu" meaning earth and "nath" meaning lord combines Swaymbhunath which means a lord self created from the earth. Swyabhunath is so old that its history is not found. However, it is belived to be older than 2000B.C. the two eyes facing on four sides of the valley are symbols of justice and peace, the nose or "1" sign is a symbol for unity. located in Kathmandu, one of the UNESCOS' word heritage sites is more than 300m high from the base. Sanjeev RanabhatKathmandu, Nepal7

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