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Thank you for Your effort in making this site and all about in it available !

Dear people !

I am gratefull to You for this opportunity to visit Your website.
I wish to You happy life.
I saw the film named "Baraka" from Estonian Television.
I whatch this film with full attention.
It was great time and experince for me.

Kind regards,


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Estonia (Republic of Estonia, EUHmar8)

Original experience of Koyannisqatsi

At the time of Koyannisqatsi's release, I was an announcer on the L.A. classical station KFAC. I interviewed Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass for a promotional piece I was airing.

At that time, I also attended one of the dubbing sessions for the film. It was done in the middle of the night and I know Glass was there, and I'm certain Fricke was there too. However, I don't recall meeting him.

I watched one scene that was about 3 minutes long about fifty times, so that aspect of the movie became very hypnotic. And departing at about 3:30 am from the session was an ethereal experience.

I just watched Baraka last night, and it was breathtaking. This morning, I sent an e-mail to all of my contacts, urging them to see it. It is a life-changing experience.

Really looking forward to Samsara!

Doug Ordunio

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Doug Ordunio
Where are you from?: 
Los Angeles


XxXxXxXthank u so much this helps me loads my english marks hav gon up lots.....
ps at least thers no chain mals wich scare lil kids

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eviva el spirit of baraka

...16 (or was it 15...?!) years have gone since BARAKA went on big screen and was enjoying during a week long a screening per day...and had a feeling at that time about the non commercial success (2-5people in a 300 seat cinema at 8pm) of such a great perspective upon our world believing it as a must see for any human being with a little sense left

..and it's an enormeous pleasure to see its spirit relive and keeping growing stated by so many testimonials left on a must have as favourite website.

Keep it on, thank you, you're really doing a great job.

enough spoken as it's about ..beyond words....

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island of gran canaria

Thank you for bringing the Spirit of Baraka into existence

Dear Spirit of Baraka,

Thank you for bringing the Spirit of Baraka into existence. It began with the film "Baraka"; it gave me an alternative way to convey to my Western students the hidden message in the sensuous. How interesting that what you present here, the mystery in the stones and human movements, are exactly that toward which I have always had affinity, but have struggled to explain in words. Thank you for facilitating the means to communicate better inter-culturally.

Thank you and bon courage!

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Cine-O-Matic, a premiere Blu-Ray authori...

Cine-O-Matic, a premiere Blu-Ray authoring boutique would encode and manufacture Baraka at no cost, if an HD source can be supplied via tape (HDCAM) or uncompressed video via hard-drive.

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Brian Dehler
Where are you from?: 
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Yes,the Thing beyond words.Images about ...

Yes,the Thing beyond words.Images about what Is.I love these films(the trilogy and Baraka are ...,and take a deep breath)I'm very happy to see such a site been created to gather together what is available.Magic.
Thank you.

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József Csík
Where are you from?: 

I saw so many times BARAKA, and I offer ...

I saw so many times BARAKA, and I offer it to my best friends every time I can find this DVD in France… Pls, when in HD ????????

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great movi i loved it...

great movi i loved it

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Where are you from?: 



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Where are you from?: 

Excellent site. Thank you for all the e...

Excellent site. Thank you for all the effort.

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Janice Walker
Where are you from?:

Great site...

Great site

Your Name: 
anne berco

I miss my friend Jessica Freike. If anyo...

I miss my friend Jessica Freike. If anyone know where she is please have her
call me at area (360) 4485153 or write me. I recently erased an e-mail beleived to be from her and I would really love to see her again, she is in my heart.

Your Name: 
letty Jones
Where are you from?: 
[email protected]

We watched Baraka in our self-knowledge...

We watched Baraka in our self-knowledge class in school. It is fabulous. Thank you for making it. (and posting the gorgeous pictures online!)

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I recently tried getting in touch with J...

I recently tried getting in touch with Jessica Freike, my dear friend
accidently I erased her very much desired e-mail. Please re send
I have been looking forward to talking to you. Missing you and
thinking of you. Letty

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[email protected]
Where are you from?: 
Vancouver, Washington

grat things for great people i'm so happ...

grat things for great people
i'm so happy i've found this page that it makes me feel so wonderful seeing people signed the Guestbook so i'm not alone anymore. because in the world of dirt and sex and politics there is not so much freedom for people like us (how love nonverbal films like Baraka) thet they are in minority.
thank you and thank
Ron Fricke
Godfrey Reggio
Mark Magidson
Philip Glass
Michael Stearns

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A fascinating site. I appreciate the ti...

A fascinating site. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into making any visit to your web page worthwhile and inspirational. Many thanks. Peace be with you and those you hold dear

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Where are you from?: 
God's own county (Yorkshire, UK)

I am very happy that I found this beauti...

I am very happy that I found this beautiful homepage!Thank You so much for making it! Now I can find more movies which are like my favourite, Baraka! Wish all the best,

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Anna M
Where are you from?: 

Baraka is a wonderful film. Great filmma...

Baraka is a wonderful film. Great filmmaking!

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Raym C. Hensley
Where are you from?: 

I used Baraka as the final in my Modern ...

I used Baraka as the final in my Modern World classes this year. Every student made thoughtful connections to what they have been learning in history and science classes as well as their personal thoughts. Would 15-year olds be able to think critically while focusing on 80 minutes of no words or plot. They will and the classes were unusually well behaved. Many of their responses were very insightful. Baraka is now a part of my repertoire.

Rosemarie Langley
Galileo Academy of Science & Technology
San Francisco

Your Name: 
Rosemarie Langley
Where are you from?: 
San Francisco

Nice site....

Nice site.

Your Name: 
[email protected]
Where are you from?: 

i',m a michael stearns fan of the first ...

i',m a michael stearns fan of the first hour and got a desperate question; does anyone know what happend to michael's tracks (only on tape) 1 ocean of bliss 2 ocean of peace , would be V E R Y greatfull if someone could tel me wher to find it or what the albumtitle was (my car stereo ate my tape)
thank you, chris, [email protected]

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chris heuijerjans
Where are you from?: 

I am asking students to use your site's ...

I am asking students to use your site's guidelines for writing a movie review. They are clearly written, easy to understand, and at a good level for my independent study class. Thanks for all the footwork and for your beautiful site.

Mary Pickett
Big Bend High School

Your Name: 
Mary Pickett
Where are you from?: 
Terlingua, Texas - Big Bend High School



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I started to show this film to my high s...

I started to show this film to my high school students as an introduction to a lesson. When we have days where there is extra time a lot of the students ask if we can watch Baraka. I feel that it has evoked a lot of emotion with my AP World History students. It really ties into our AP WOrld History class and I feel that they are absorbing a lot of lessons through these beautiful images. I promised them that I would show them the whole film after we have studied the entire AP World History book so that they could fully understand what was being shown. I think that it has really opened their eyes to the world and through these pictures, many students have felt like they have traveled there.

Thank you for inspiration and for making the world feel as if it were more intimate. There are a lot of connecting threads and themes that we all share as human beings, if only everyone could see that. I am awaiting Samsara!

Thank you again!

Your Name: 
Lisa Hendricks
Where are you from?: 
San Diego

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