Jewish People, Jerusalem, the Wall of Crying

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Jewish People, Jerusalem, the Wall of Crying JoannaPoland59
davening at the kotel (praying at the western wall) HarleighUSA42
people kiss the wall because its a richual marileecanada41
The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem DarrenCornwall, England37
Le mur des lamentations, Jérusalem MoniqueQuébec, Canada25
Cry for the past,pray for the future TruemanChina21
Jewish Poeple, Jurusalem, the Wall of Crying DevinMiami, FL19
we were created in Gods own image i believe God hears us when ever we talk to him in our own special way. I wish i could visit that place before i die with my mother! Mildred Nyongesakenya ,Africa3
Praying at the Western Wall or Wailing Wall, the only remaining wall from the Hebrew temple that was destroyed by Roman invasion in the year 70 CE. The western wall was where the Holy of Holies was kept. It is considered a place of Divine Presence. KimConnecticut, USA1

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