Ryoanji, a Zen karesansui rock garden in Kyoto

This is an image from the film Baraka

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Ryoanji, a Zen karesansui rock garden in Kyoto someone who has been to RyoanjiNew York32
Zen garden: Japan Mr. ChrisCalifornia, USA16
a maditation point for ninjas dr philcalifornia12
a place of serenity, a place leave the troubles of the city behind Smandaaustralia10
This is a Zen Garden in Japan. Zen is a genre of Buddism orginally formed in China after the buddism gets in. It's belived everybody has a budda inside, to release it, Zen monk or nun try to understand the whole world completely by variety of ways. They thinks a lot and kinda mixed up with philosophy. Zen genre gets popular in Japan after the Ming Dianasty. Darren, GU XiaoyangChina1

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