Big Sur, California

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

Big Sur, California wSwitzerland60
Iceland IvichSpain56
I loved the transition from the previous scene to this shot. The water pours through the opening, but just before in the same part of the frame the monk was meditating, it made me think of a wave of ideas..... AliU.S.53
Your mind is like an intricate labyrinth of stone, stone with hieroglyphs of memories, if you open the door a wave of new thoughts and memories will flow through. AshleyUtah48
Hawaii Mr. ChrisCalifornia, USA44
Bali RCCanada42
Outpour of thought AaronCanada42
Australia AshleyColorado38
This is Big Sur California. I have been to this popular tourist spot. Well known in Northern California. jsanta cruz4
This is Pheifer Beach in Big Sur California. I grew up there and have stared into that rock formation millions of times... Amy Big Sur California4
A gate for spirituality, many will try to cross it, but only a few will make it. XimenaBolivia1

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