Ghana, Africa: Ashanti Tribe

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

Ghana, Africa: Ashanti Tribe Mr. ChrisCalifornia, USA99
Definately The maasai in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania SteveKenya80
Masai peoples, Africa Juanita StarkeyAustralia61
Mr. Chris, I assure you these are maasai. aliU.S.47
Masai tribe, Kenya DarrenCornwall, England47
These people are not Ashanti Tribe Ashanti are heavy bodied fishermen42
these are the maasai widows that make beeded jewelry to sell in Narok to make a living. aliU.S.40
ok Mr. Chris, i guess ignorance is bliss...... The Ashanti tribe resides in West Africa in Ghana......the Maasai are in Kenya which is where part of this amazingly wonderful masterpiece was filmed. AliU.S.40
this is not ashanti tribe picture" i am an ashanti" and we do not look anything like that Osei KwameGhana8
Ashanti Tribe JasminSakatchwani4
these people look like ahanti tribe from west africa. take a closer look and you will definitely see. i am currently doing a research on ashanti tribe and my pictures portrays their look Jadaye WilliamsJamaica2
Dear Mr. Chris, I'll suggest that you do some deep research on your subject matter before publishing it. Any first grade pupil will tell you that the images on this site are not the ashanti tribe. The Akans or for that matter, Ashantis, were the first africans to weave cloths - the famous Kente - and are usually ornated with gold bracelets and beads. To portray ashantis like this adds to the 'usual' ignorance or deliberate ignorance on the part of so-called anthropologiest or historians to twist the Western world's image of the African. Masai's are surely Africans from the east of Africa but surely not the Ashanti tribe from Ghana, West Africa. Go back to the classroom and learn more before coming on the net. FREEDOM COMES WITH UNDERSTANDING WHO YOU ARE. History can be illuminating and challenging when learned well but could be dangerous when badly learned and twisted. K YirenkyiGhana2
We should help the people of Ghana Kyle CaulfieldPiqua Ohio1

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