Chuquicamata, chile

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

Chuquicamata, chile TomFrance10
According to the list of locations at the end of the page, Chile was not visited. Must be somewhere else Derik CastilloMexico4
The Peabody Coal Mine with the smaller Kayenta Mine (Hopi rights) on the right side and the larger Black Mesa Mine (Navajo rights) on the left. MrMRFL3
Peabody Coal Mine, Black Mesa, Arizona, USA. Guess from the list of locations Derik CastilloMexico1
I third the Peabody Coal mine. as it is the only mine listed in the Baraka World View List that comes with the DVD is the Peabody Coal Mine. Scott PageArizona, USA1

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