Amazon tribe in Brazil

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

Amazon tribe in Brazil RobertRep of Macedonia110
Natural TemayNayarit101
Looking out to the strange world sainaziran96
Rainforest people of Brazil, not far from Rio. SarahOntario, Canada95
The core of my soul looking out through the eyes of this tribal girl arnab banerjeeindia94
Trying to hide from our destruction and madness KevinScotland93
pureté de la vie non contaminé au reste du monde DominiqueLyon France92
Innocence, naivety, astonishment, shelter, virginity... VerónicaArgentina87
Kayapo tribe in Brazil AbelCalifornia85
wondering what 'civilisation' is doing to the World. MichaelRamsbottom, UK85
South American tribe Mr. ChrisCalifornia, USA85
"S. American forest spirit" SG.nl79
she looks so alone and sad danuk79
Not at all sad. Serene. Innocent. In touch with the universe. KarinHouston, TX, USA2
Astonishing beauty. I cannot know her thoughts, they are her own, but I know that she is our future. How beautiful. Travistani MazeAthens, Ohio2
Almost certainly Kapayo, in Brazil. I hope her world hasn't changed much since she was filmed. GarryHawaii1
the face that fades to her eyes and the eyes that fades to nature saeediran1
despair, lost, shocked. lonely tribal girl, looking at the monsters (the audience) that have taken her world chrriisaustralia nsw 1
le desespoir de l'innocence vu a travers la puretee de l'enfance crystalysefrance1

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