chick ID'd w/ green painted dots(later to be used for egg production)

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

chick ID'd w/ green painted dots(later to be used for egg production) ReneUSA502
the lady (who has a green band aid on her finger) is burning part of the beak of so it can not peck other chicks to death FuzzleDK498
would you like fries with that? rickusa123
no, not a grinder, the beak is seared off. veganhell62
yeah, sticking the key ring through the neck usually takes some time... Agent KayJordan61
Actually a mini grinder for pearing down beaks so they dont peck each other to death. BobbyIreland57
urodzony by umrzec (born to be dead) KrzysiekPoland55
Vaccination DonBoston, ma51
The burning of the beaks appears in another image. This is the green dye. DavidIthaca, NY49
chick Robotguy4Earth41
The green dye is like a symbol of ownership. The chicken farmers are more or less taking the lives of the chickens, they are not able to make their own decisions, just like employers do to the people on crowded trains. The chickens dont know any better, they are simply crowd followers, something that humans are turning into. Karly5
Indifference to the sacredness of life. KimConnecticut, USA2

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