Untouchables in Calcutta

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Untouchables in Calcutta ProgenyOFCharity9ja46
This is Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India...Its a waste Dump in the city outskirts NashCali32
How hard the people work for have a better life. Yeraldin Taveras The Dominican Republic29
paradox: there is an animal and they couldn't eat it. VerónicaArgentian26
In India, a cow is considered sacred more than humans themselves so yes "there is an animal and they couldn't eat it" Veronica is stupidclearly not from Argentian26
they live looking for the good things among rubbish JoannaPoland25
the human condition ... filosopherbrasil22
they dont eat the cows, 'dc'. they are sacred reeeeechaustralia4
the ultimate form of recycling SarahCanada4
So eating the cow would solve their hunger or poverty? Perhaps it will feed them for one meal, then back to the landfill. dcdf mexico3
This is Delhi. These people-(untouchables or not) are picking up things plastic, glass and bottles. They sell this things for recycling. They are not looking for food there, the cow is. As far as cow goes, you can buy beef in India, if you like to eat. I think the message is poverty not religion(untouchables and eating beef) NBindia2
Even though they live in poverty they will still not go against there religious values: eating the cow. EvanNew Jersey1
Eating cows wouldn't solve their problem since a vegetarian diet feeds many more people from the same amount of land than a carnivorous diet does. They do have milk and paneer from the cows, though. (Besides that cow doesn't look like it has much meat on it.) KimConnecticut, USA1

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