Homeless boy in Middle East panhandling

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

Homeless boy in Middle East panhandling EnerUS51
The most touching scene in the movie... blix_99Ontario, Canada51
The toy car at his feet - poignant... AustinUK44
what i would give to hold this little boy,and tell him everything is ok dan mc convillebelfast35
This poor boy with the blue blanket, homeless, alone in the streets. No food or drink, or life which can lead him in the right direction. M.GAustralia14
This little boy has no control over being homeless... possibly he was raised in poverty or is an orphan. SarahOntario, Canada14
The boy with the blue blanket. MaleikaAustralia10
yeah....the blue blanket and the car an the music culminating... harrygermany1
looks to me like Guatemala, the currency he is holding looks like a Quetzal bill from the period the film was shot.... but I don't recall that country on the film's info sheet, so probably I am mistaken SteveCalifornia1

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